bitter almond

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almond trees having white blossoms and poisonous nuts yielding an oil used for flavoring and for medicinal purposes

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Amygdalin (also known as Laetrile or vitamin B17) is a poisonous cyanogenic glycoside substance found naturally in many plants, including raw nuts such as bitter almonds and the pips of many fruits (particularly apricot pips or kernels).
In this study it was determined antioxidant activities and phenolic flavonoid phytosterol lipid soluble vitamin and fatty acid contents of bitter almond kernel extract (BAE).
Initially I got a lot of bitter almond with lower acidity, thinking it was a Pinot Gris, but when I re-tasted this wine at a colder temperature it was lighter and drier with a different profile.
47% ABV; distilled from juniper berries, Seville orange peel, coriander seed, orris root, bitter almond, Sicilian lemon peel, angelica seeds and root, licorice.
Compare vintages and check if the notes are of bitter almond or artichoke.
The bitter almond tree, like the sweet, is a native of Iran and Asia Minor, and is indistinguishable in botanical characters.
For me, I got to indulge in just about most of the sweets I love: ice creams of six kinds, crame caramel, a panacotta chocolate with caramel jelly, mango pudding with bitter almond bean curd, saffron rice pudding with raisins, peach trifles, mille-feuille, blueberry cheesecake, browniesa.
ginger beer, house made orgeat (bitter almond) syrup and grenadine and mixing them with a sophisticated stock of fine tequilas, mezcals and piscos.
Bright golden yellow in color with green hues, Eirini Plomariou Unfiltered Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil has a strong, fruity taste and an earthy bouquet featuring tones of freshly cut grass, oregano, rosemary and bitter almond. It is made from kolovi or valanolia olive trees, grown on the island of Lesvos in Greece; the fruit is picked in early November, when not yet quite ripe.
The peach was once a bitter almond; cauliflower is nothing but cabbage with a college education.
The Bitter Almond is distinguished from its relative the Sweet Almond (Prunus dulcis) in that its fruits are have an irregular shape and the seed is highly poisonous.
The combination of 12 botanicals, such as grapefruit and Seville orange peels, bitter almond, and orris root, as well as rare Japanese Sencha tea and Chinese green tea, provides a smooth, earnest, and distinctive taste.
Balanced in sweetness, so it washes down very nicely, showing more bitter almond and pecan notes.
The bitter almond, which is inedible, should be used with caution since it possesses dangerous poisonous properties.
Simple and ultralight, with touches of bitter almond and arugula flavors, Buckets of wine like this are drunk every day in Italian trattorias.