bitter almond

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almond trees having white blossoms and poisonous nuts yielding an oil used for flavoring and for medicinal purposes

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Finish: Warm, medium in length with just the lingering memory of bitter almonds.
Bitter Almond water was given as a treatment for kidney and bladder stones, gravel in the urine and for cleansing the biliary duct and as a treatment for rabies.
In our Dynamic GDV study, the average realizations for both natural oil of bitter almond and synthetic benzaldehyde were measured in terms of the Average Intensity parameter (Fig.
Beefeater 24 boasts a blend of natural botanicals sourced from around the world, including hand-prepared grapefruit, bitter almond, orris root and Seville orange peel.
Palate: Big blast of pepper spice leading to a smoky, caramel sweetness, ripe dark fruits and ending with a rather short, warm finish, with just the memory of bitter almond.
My friend's terrine of duck, Morteau sausage and foie gras, all in neat slices, was all bold flavours, the chamomile tea and Sauternes jelly cubes, bordering the terrine, a lovely touch, and the bitter almond tuile, show-off stuff.
The bitter almond has a shadier reputation than its sweet counterpart, but it has its virtues in spite of its literally toxic nature.
For me, the hit of gooey sweetness, wrapped up with bitter almond, followed by tang of jam and the soft, slightly greasy, flaky pastry, means hot summers of teenage years.
Wild cherries are used on account of their acidity and the bitter almond from the stones, which are crushed in with the fruit.
On the nose it is confected with bitter almond and allspice notes, but with few detectable notes of tequila or lemon.
Amaretti have an exotic almond flavour which would complement the kirsch in the parfait, which almost has a bitter almond flavour itself.
Add a pinch of diced ginger, a speck of cinnamon stick, a drop of bitter almond and combine.
Palate: Juniper is more pronounced on the palate, and the spice of the coriander is present with licorice and bitter almond in beautiful harmony.
Enchantment perfumed candle pounds 36, 0845 688 3343 Part of the Midnight Rendez-Vous range, this scented candle is perfumed with iris, myrrh and exotic bitter almond, and packaged in a finely sculpted jar featuring hearts, leaves and golden violets.
95), a grapey and savoury confection of sparkling cherry fruit, with a bitter almond edge.