bits per second

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(computer science) the rate at which data is transferred (as by a modem)

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And around the corner, but available before the year 2000, is ADSL (Asymmetrix Digital Subscriber Line) technology to move millions of bits per second over standard copper telephone lines.
As physicians obtain digital telephone service for electronic communication with ISDN, at 128,000 bits per second, or, at home using ISDN or cable modems, obtaining these large multimedia files will be much less time consuming than it is now with modems operating at 28,800 bits per second, at best.
An ATM switch can handle data, graphics, voice and video at the same time, at line speeds from 45 million bits per second to 600 million bits per second.
We've determined that the transfer rates for information about air current velocity ranged from about 100 to 250 bits per second for the sensory receptors and between 10 and 60 bits per second for the primary sensory interneurons," Miller observes.
Digital networks are available in most urban areas now, with transmission speeds of 1,544,000 bits per second common.
Galileo's low-gain antennas could then step up data transmission from 10 bits per second to 100 bits per second.
24 in getting the craft to send 1,200 bits of information per second, not just the 40 bits per second to which it dropped during its recovery from the first signal loss.
Slated to transmit information at up to 30 million bits per second (much faster than a cable modem; in fact, as fast as some optical-fiber connections), the system is designed to be almost ten times quicker than the speeds of the fastest interplanetary radio links in existence.