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extremely and sharply

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Sherief Elkatsha's boisterous docu "Cairo Drive" is a bitingly comical portrait of the capital as seen through the pandemonium of its roads, adeptly balancing wit, irony, contradiction, exasperation and fatalism--the very qualities that characterize the city's residents.
As spring turns to summer to winter, the illustrations reflect the change in the seasons, warm sun to bitingly cold snow, and match the mood of the language.
On calm, bitingly cold, power-cut winter days in the near future, the frail and elderly will reap the hypothermic rewards of this rank stupidity.
The final game was nail bitingly close and entertaining as well.
Following the first winter spell of bitingly cold weather for this year, the sun is shining over Bulgaria again with forecasts promising temperatures of up to 20[degrees]C.
I don't want to act like some Iranian officials who throw their words around in an abrasive and indecent manner," he said quite bitingly.
English's art--whether in paintings, billboards, murals, or sculpture--blends stunning visuals with the bitingly humorous undertones of one of America's premier pop iconoclast.
With the heavily salted track seriously favouring the inside on a bitingly cold Thursday night for the semis, Droopys Greg, owned by Sky's Gary Newbon, was sent off 1-2 from trap one.
The Latma political satire group has come up with a new commentary on American efforts to pressure Israel into more concessions to the Palestinian Authority, one that promises to be as bitingly funny as the others in its repertoire.
Bitingly funny, this novel presents a dark picture of the everyday man.
Dialogue should be projected more bitingly in this vast acoustic, but the glory of the score, and of this production, is the ensemble numbers, and they came through triumphantly.
In 'Margot at the Wedding', a bitingly funny and painfully honest dissection of family life is on hand, but this time around, the topic is sisterhood.
A bitingly insightful look at the corruption weakening California's governmental system, and the reforms that are needed immediately.
In recent years, lemon juice cordial PLJ has kept a low profile but the 86-year-old drink was well-known as a bitingly sharp slimming aid in its 1970s heyday when it was owned by Beechams.
Goodyear, who is an editor and regular contributor at The New Yorker, writes bold, colorful poems that are at once sharp and moving, and always bitingly ironic.