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If your child becomes a chronic biter, contact your doctor.
Mari Berllan Biter According to legend, Mari Berllan Biter roamed the farms of Cardiganshire in the 19th century with an empty basket on her arm.
Whether the biter is a Hollywood Smiler or Sociable Biters, the key is the shape, size and dimensions of the teethmarks left behind.
His fully voiced performance is excellent and turns this story into a real "nail biter.
This is a very aggressive mosquito -- a very aggressive biter," says CDC entomologist Chester G.
Mercedes-Benz USA is truly ahead of the curve when it comes to empowering their dealerships with the tools they need to effectively market their vehicles online," commented HomeNet's CEO, Jesse Biter.
The May issue of Enterprise North East, the monthly magazine promoting business start-ups, entrepreneurship and innovation, features the exclusive interview with Anita Roddick, The Body Shop founder and biter of corporate ankles (which is printed left).
THE ships on display,many for public viewing on Saturday from 1-5pm,are: HMS Invincible (UK) moored off Pier Head - not open to public HMS Walney (UK) Liverpool Canning Half Tide HMS Biter (UK) Liverpool Albert Dock -not open to the public HMS Charger (UK)Liverpool Albert Dock -not open to the public BNS Primula (Belgium)Liverpool Canning Half Tide HNLMS Schiedam (Netherlands) Liverpool Canning Half Tide HNoMS Trondheim (Norway)Birkenhead West Float FS Latouche-Treville (France) Birkenhead West Float ORP Kaszub (Poland)Birkenhead West Float FGS Schleswig-Holstein (Germany) Birkenhead West Float Admiral Chabanenko (Russia)North Canada Dock 3
Ideal Bite spotlighted Starbucks Corporation on March 9, helping to spur a lively discussion amongst the Biter community.
Despite attempts by friends to rescue him, the biter wrestled the man to the ground, chewed on his ears and then stamped on his head.
A man whose nose was chewed off in a bar brawl got it back three months later after a court in Evansville, Indiana, cleared the biter of assault.
This is a clear case of the biter being bit," said Betfair spokesman Tony Calvin.
Ian's Doghouse Ales, based in converted kennels in Scorrier, Cornwall, makes beers named Wet Nose, Biter, Barking Hell and Bow-wow.
Through their efforts last Friday, PETsMART helped a local family of two hearing impaired parents and two children endure the biter storm safely and warmly in the company of their three dogs and one cat.