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Synonyms for bitchiness

malevolence by virtue of being malicious or spiteful or nasty

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Journalist and author Seymour Hersh on press attacks on the Associated Press' Pulitzer Prize-winning No Gun Ri story: "I think you can never underestimate the bitchiness of the press."
The shrewd maneuvers, the bitchiness, the uncanny knack for turning publicity into personal windfalls-no wonder the similarly talented Kelley was so intrigued.
In fact it sounds like there's been a disappointing lack of backstage bitchiness this year.
There's bitchiness and drama galore as Bill Cullen and his cronies start the search for a new Apprentice.
It's the usual crucible of bitchiness and ambition, where students burst into song in the cafeteria, providing an excuse (as if one was needed) for the young women to harmonise, pirouette and body-pop en masse.
London, Feb 1 (ANI): Actress Keira Knightley says that her shyness is often mistaken for 'bitchiness'.
So while Tess and Bruce take care of the glamorous side of affairs; the posh frocks, the judging and the eliminations, we can count on Claudia to keep us up-todate with the real nitty-gritty of tears, tantrums and bitchiness.
The contest - as much known for its bitchiness as its modelling - will see Suzanne take on 24 others to make it to the top.
Having to wing it by picking on a group of people (including a drag queen named Tina Sparkle, Darren who worked in Next and a guy with a Jedward haircut) to deliver her off-the-cuff bitchiness and an audience-participation competition meant at least some of the set was fresh.
The outrage, the indignation, the bitchiness, and occasionally, the sympathy - all these emotions from people I don't know and never will, with no relevance to anything I'm doing, and I'm addicted.
But come on, was all that vitriolic bitchiness necessary?
We didn't actually quarrel but there were constant undercurrents of jealousy, one-upmanship, bitchiness, even sheer spitefulness.
A brilliant level of bitchiness from the judges underpins the show.
Julian Clary hosts a countdown of memorable displays of televisual bitchiness, as voted for by the public.
The bitchiness and back-biting have already kicked off.