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a field containing only binary characters

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Step 1: Row of bit field giving after conversion to decimal system highest value gives the system, in which one step of online identification is proceeded.
For instance, a typical "spin-valve" read sensor, in response to a 250 ps pulsed field from a magnetic bit, will ring for approximately 2 ns after the applied bit field.
They can set up component fields, such as 'Serial Number' and 'Company Prefix' and let BARCODE 2000 perform the bit field manipulations necessary, or they can define a pre-built string to be simply passed on to the printer.
Other features include bit field instructions for easier handling of packet information, support for vectored interrupts to decrease interrupt latency, and multiple register sets for faster context switching.
The first segment contains a manufacturer's code, while the second is a user programmable and lockable bit field.
Other improvements to the specific support of the TriCore architecture in the C-compiler include: indirect addressing mode, extending abilities to employ the TriCore's vast physical memory reach; enhanced bit field manipulation features; enhanced struct/union packing and array alignment; C-level trap handling and ISR/trap stack frame manipulation.
Bit field and other processing functions can be greatly accelerated by faster insert and extract fields, rotate and byte swap.
These new instructions include operations for bit field manipulation, packet check-sum, and most importantly, support for hardware multi-threading.