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Synonyms for bisect

cut in two


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cut in half or cut in two

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A well-known simple bisectional algorithm was used to resolve the effective-stress-function.
Mok, The uniformization theorem for compact Kuahler manifolds of nonnegative holomorphic bisectional curvature, J.
The "better understanding" of the Constitution that Graber unveils is one in which there were both constitutional norms and constitutional structures intended to guarantee that constitutional decisions about slavery would be bisectional, i.
The constitutional founders "were more concerned with devising institutions that would facilitate bisectional agreements on slavery policy than with determining the substance of those agreements in advance.
A densely packaged switching solution that provides up to twenty-four 10Gbps InfiniBand ports, up to eight 30Gbps ports, or a combination of the two, in only 1U of rack space, the InfinIO 9024 delivers up to 480Gbps of non-blocking, full bisectional bandwidth (FBB) in less space than a single traditional rack-mounted server.
The final marks of Holt's revisionism are his contentions that long into the Civil War, Abraham Lincoln's goal was to "destroy the Republican party as it existed in 1860" and to restore a bisectional Whig party, that Lincoln meant the Emancipation Proclamation not so much to free slaves as to coax rebels to return to the Union in order to avoid fleeing their slaves, that far from essentially agreeing with congressional Republicans about the aims of the war (although often disagreeing about the means), Lincoln differed from them fundamentally.
The goal is to build SEED as an integrated solution encompassing physical layer hardware, protocols, and topologies -- while offering tomorrow's data centers greater scalability, bisectional bandwidth, fault tolerance, and energy efficiency.
Over time, they have invented, and have come to accept as legitimate, an increasing range of mechanisms for extra-textual constitutional change ranging from bisectional compromises to landmark statutes to judicial review.
Unfortunately, until today, despite its rhetoric support towards the negotiating process, the Turkish policy when it comes to Cyprus remains old-age, bisectional and threatening," said Karamanlis.
The Voltaire ISR 9096 features 96 InfiniBand ports of 10 Gbps (4X) or 32 ports of 30 Gbps (12X) full bisectional bandwidth in a modular chassis enabling high performance clusters and grids.
The Voltaire ISR 9288 features 288 InfiniBand ports of 10 Gbps full bisectional bandwidth in a single chassis enabling HPC and enterprise customers to build very large clusters with fewer switching components, simplifying clusters and reducing total cost of ownership.
com Product Description: The Voltaire ISR 9288 is the industry's largest InfiniBand switching solution featuring 10 Gbps of full bisectional bandwidth for 288 ports in a single chassis.