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Synonyms for birthplace

Synonyms for birthplace

the place where someone was born

where something originated or was nurtured in its early existence

References in classic literature ?
Frankfort has another distinction--it is the birthplace of the German alphabet; or at least of the German word for alphabet --BUCHSTABEN.
You'll have to hear all about Wantage, the birthplace of Alfred, and Farringdon, which held out so long for Charles the First (the Vale was near Oxford, and dreadfully malignant--full of Throgmortons, Puseys, and Pyes, and such like; and their brawny retainers).
She had been removed to the keen air of Canada when she left her birthplace.
Not by birth, though adopted in that tribe; I think his birthplace was farther north, and he is one of those you call a Huron.
My name is Cardenio, my birthplace one of the best cities of this Andalusia, my family noble, my parents rich, my misfortune so great that my parents must have wept and my family grieved over it without being able by their wealth to lighten it; for the gifts of fortune can do little to relieve reverses sent by Heaven.
The properties being recreated are Shakespeare's Birthplace and Shakespeare's New Place, his family home for 19 years until his death in 1616.
The great explorer will be celebrated at the Captain Cook Birthplace Museum in Stewart Park today - the 289th anniversary of his birthday.
Actors from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust will present complementary sonnets and extracts from Shakespeare's cannon, and Iqbal's poem in praise of Shakespeare.
Noted as the most famous American inventor, the Thomas Edison Birthplace Museum showcases his lifelong commitment to innovation and science through demonstrations of his inventions and displays of documents and family mementos.
But experts from the Shakespeare Birthplace Trust say at the time it was normal for dads to leave the best things to children and only the second best to wives.
IN THE MONEY The David Livingstone Centre is built around the explorer's Blantyre birthplace
Singhvi, wanted to develop Orwell's birthplace on the lines of Stratford- upon- Avon and Yasnaya Polyana, birthplaces of William Shakespeare and Leo Tolstoy in England and Russia, respectively, which attract lakhs of tourists every year.
The cash will help to support work over the next two years that will enhance and conserve Shakespeare's birthplace and pave the way for the creation of a world-class new International Shakespeare Centre and visitor experience in Stratford-upon-Avon.
Bristol, which lies right on the Virginia/Tennessee is the birthplace of Tennessee Ernie Ford and the site of some of the earliest country music recroding studios is quickly growing to be known as the Birthplace of Country Music and the place to see bluegrass music rooted in gospel, before perhaps heading onto Nashville to see what the modern scene is like today.
The ex-president recently recorded an introductory message for visitors to Dylan Thomas' birthplace at Cwmdonkin Drive in Swansea's Uplands when he met Geoff Haden - who has restored the house over the past 20 years - on a visit to the Carter Centre in Atlanta.