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The role of routine cervical length screening in selected high-and low-risk women for preterm birth prevention. Am J Obstet Gynecol.
The effects on preterm birth rates of maternal 17-hydroxyprogesterone use, a preterm birth prevention strategy that increased during this period (6), were not examined and the effects of maternal age on spontaneous, medically indicated, early, or late preterm births were not assessed.
with any for pregnancy Ambulatory medical records pregnancy indicators (in (EPICCare[R]) indicators look-up tables) Inpatient discharge files (32,847) Emergency department data system Data system of outside claims and referrals Laboratory/pathology information system Imaging procedures Home health data system Pharmacy data system Preterm birth prevention data system Look-up table of ICD-9-CM, CPT-4 codes associated with pregnancy Look-up table of laboratory and imaging tests associated with pregnancy Step 3: Algorithm Hierarchy for data on [down arrow] data hierarchy pregnancy episode, end determines which date, and outcome type ...
Many Catholics (and non-Catholics) are unaware that all birth prevention pills cause early abortions some of the time.
Working in partnership with existing teen parent programs in Hartford, the Hartford Action Plan has developed a new project to assure that research-tested repeat birth prevention services are provided to teen mothers.
Packard, a philanthropy endowed by the Hewlett-Packard computer corporation, was identified in the article as "one of the nation's largest private foundations and already renowned for its support of children's programs...." The foundation's mission is better described as eugenicist, specifically focusing on birth prevention among non-white populations.
Popucrats and the press were able to portray only superstitious reactionaries straight out of the Middle Ages as fighting the self-evidently humane and necessary goal of tripling world government spending on birth prevention to $17 billion a year.
Strategies for preterm birth prevention have focused on two major areas: (1) early detection of preterm labor and prompt institution of tocolytic therapy, and (2) identification and modification of maternal risk factors associated with preterm birth.
In May of 2012 the SMFM published a Clinical Guideline entitled "Progesterone and Preterm Birth Prevention: Translating Clinical Trials Data Into Clinical Practice." (2) The stated objective of this publication was "to provide evidenced-based guidelines for using progestogens for the prevention of preterm birth." In developing its recommendations, SMFM conducted a comprehensive review of the scientific literature from 1983-2012, with particular emphasis on 17 alpha-hydroxyprogesterone caproate (17P) and vaginal progesterone.
The drug companies getting rich selling birth prevention pills might lose a lot of customers who do not want to terminate their own children.
Bowing to public pressure and following an unusual intervention by the Food and Drug Administration, KV Pharmaceuticals announced it has cut the list price of its new preterm birth prevention drug Makena (hydroxyprogesterone caproate) by 54%--from $1,500 to $690 per injection--effective immediately.
The survey also uncovered key challenges that health care providers face in addressing the topic of preterm birth with their patients, including time constraints, lack of preterm birth prevention options, and concern about causing undue fear or worry.
The March of Dimes Prematurity Prevention Trial was a five-center trial, funded by the March of Dimes and conducted between 1983 and 1986 to test the effect of risk screening and patient education on the prevention of premature births (The Collaborative Group on Preterm Birth Prevention 1993).
While it is convenient to discuss preterm labor and preterm birth as if the problem arises from a single cause, only when the heterogeneous nature of the problem is understood can the successes and failures observed in preterm birth prevention programs be placed in a proper perspective.