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a regularly recurrent spasm of pain that is characteristic of childbirth

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Venous blood relapse is reduced during every birth pang in women in childbirth with RHD in supine posture and this makes it difficult to ensure the necessary increase of cardiac output, and, accordingly, adequate blood supply of uterus and oxygenation of foetus.
In contrast with her performance during the Lebanese debacle, however, Rice refrained from characterizing as "birth pangs of a new Middle East" what happened when the Gazan status quo ante attempted to remain the status quo; she conserved additional energy by abstaining from physical contact with the afflicted region.
While it's undergoing some birth pangs, the code should pave the way to freeing up capital and entrepreneurship that is stuck in unproductive uses and allow it to be reallocated efficiently.
These were the birth pangs of the Woman Action Forum.
According to the lawmaker, the CHED and other stakeholders may also use the House hearings to address the birth pangs of the implementation of the much-awaited program.
Since they are testing out a new policy, Nebrija said it was normal for them to experience birth pangs.
He wants us to look at the larger picture: the nation having birth pangs for a while.
Second, we are in the birth pangs of the political and social change that will be unleashed by the Internet.
Jet, set, SUBDUING three- decade- long birth pangs caused by complex technological challenges, cost over- runs, international sanctions and bagful of missed deadlines, the Indian Air Force ( IAF) is set to begin the induction of indigenous combat jet Tejas from July 1.
The birth pangs of this are still being felt by some minorities...
BIRTH pangs were inevitable for Jeremy Corbyn's grassroots "new politics".
This might be seen in retrospect as the moment when we first saw the birth pangs of the Lebanese citizen.
After the painful birth pangs and labor, a woman who gives birth to a child experiences so much joy that she no longer remembers the pain.
Is what we see going on in the world today--all the war and violence--the birth pangs of integrating the soul, or is it fear fighting with love?