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changes for the worse." He brought out a concern that was ingeniously captured by the cartoon when he said that "[c]ontraceptives and birth control devices, distributed even among the young because of lack of stringent control, can lead to a generation of young Filipinos uncaring about the morality of instant sex and irresponsible in their view about pregnancies." I have taken a photo of the cartoon to keep a record of what may in the future prove to be a prophecy unconsciously made by the good justice.
government and Big Pharma labeled them as individual birth control devices. However, when they were disproportionately marketed to, and in many cases their use coerced among, historically marginalized women, these technologies were population-control devices.
The mandate does not include coverage for surgical abortions, but it does include coverage for birth control pills, birth control devices and the "morning after pill," which can end newly established pregnancies.
Long-acting birth control devices are nearly 22 times as reliable as contraceptive pills or other short-acting approaches that need close monitoring, a new study shows.
We may be far away from the days when the police dragged Bill Baird off for publicly displaying birth control devices. But if current trends continue, we may be very close to a day when millions of Americans lose access to a healthcare option they often take for granted.
Religion, he asserts, is particularly harsh on women, not only lobbying against all forms of legal abortion but also restricting access to birth control devices. (In seeking the Republican nomination for president, former senator Rick Santorum said each state should have the right to regulate birth control.) Faircloth also demonstrates how "faith-based" programs have drained off taxpayers' money to further their own ideological ends.
Spafford relates that, as use of RFID technology is expanded, it will become increasingly easy for parties such as marketers, thieves, insurance companies, employers, bill collectors, litigants, ex-spouses, or government agencies to know your purchasing habits for such items as pharmaceuticals, birth control devices, reading materials, luxury items, alcohol, and unhealthy food.
John Volpe signed a bill that finally retired the old Comstock Law and made it legal for doctors to provide birth control information and for vendors to sell birth control devices.
We will not have to show them a myriad of birth control devices, videos about what happens when you get arrested for drug charges, or teach them JK-Grade 12 programmes on AIDS.
Birth control devices and hormonal formulations are often an ineffective solution in this age-group.
Owing to external social forces such as the legalization of abortion, the increased liberalization of sexual attitudes, new birth control devices, Black Power, and sociobiology, unwanted pregnancies became stigmatized and "relinquishment rapidly lost the respect accorded it under the tenets of the best solution" (p.
According to Easterly, the solution of distributing birth control devices has not proven to make the plight of poor countries better.
Family planning courses are mandatory for engaged couples, and birth control devices are free and widely available.
Warren-is that it is virtually impossible to administer birth control devices to wild, free-ranging deer and still keep track of the does that have been immunized.
Working with a coalition of Catholic priests, Eastern Orthodox clergy, and evangelical Protestants, Egan quietly launched an effort to prevent birth control devices from being distributed in public schools.