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Participants who reported using birth control at first intercourse and at most recent intercourse were compared with those who did not.
The survey reveals that education on birth control and STDs in the classroom encouraged 83% of teens to remain abstinent longer, 95% to take precautions to prevent unintended pregnancies, and 85% to discuss birth control and other sexual issues with their partners.
But with birth control, you don't see the protesters.
The app allows users to create avatars for themselves and their partners, rate their experience (from meaningful to mystical to naughty) and declare the method of birth control they used.
The dramatically lower price of AfterPill is intended to make emergency birth control more affordable and to encourage advance purchase so it is more quickly available in the event of unprotected sex or if birth control failure occurs.
Women like Melissa Kelley, a thirty-five-year-old mother in Allentown, Pennsylvania, are finding, according to the Prevention story, that not only pharmacists but also pro-life gynecologists and family doctors are refusing to let them get their birth control pills.
Jennifer Berman, founder of UCLA's Female Sexual Medicine Center, will discuss birth control innovations at a free seminar Thursday on the Westwood campus.
developer of the non-incisional permanent birth control procedure Essure(TM), has received clearance from Health Canada to market Essure in Canada.
Now, barrier methods excepted, he was taking aim at birth control.
Taking birth control pills for a few years decreases a woman's risk of getting ovarian cancer later in life.
This shadowy elephant lurching through the church's living room is, of course, the question of birth control.
The key to the purpose of this center is found in its focus on the teachings of the current pope and on such issues as abortion, birth control, euthanasia, assisted suicide, and ordination of women.
NASDAQ:CPTS) wants women to know that its Essure([R]) permanent birth control procedure has been gaining in popularity, and is a safe and effective solution used by hundreds of thousands of women worldwide.
Case Funding Firm reports that a recent birth control settlement was reached for victims of Yaz, Yasmin and Ocella against drug manufacturer Bayer HealthCare Pharmaceuticals Inc.
Cook persuasively argues that, in the absence of effective birth control methods, the rising fertility rates of the early industrial revolution necessitated a profound cultural and psychological response.