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a passage in the uterus and vagina through which a fetus passes during vaginal birth

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She may also urinate and defecate frequently as she makes room for the calf to move into the birth canal. Contractions may be present at this point, but they won't be frequent or regular, and it's possible that you won't even know she's having them.
He declared: 'That struggle through the birth canal does not build immunity; the passage through the birth canal only squeezes the fluid that is in the baby's lungs out and the baby coming out of the stress begins to yell.
Caesarean babies do not pass through the birth canal and are not exposed to the same variety and concentrations of bacteria.
As many as one in three pregnant women will be carriers of Group B Strep in the birth canal - and the bacterium can pass to their baby around the time they go into labour.
Breaking of the water signals the beginning of active labor as the calf starts into the birth canal and abdominal straining begins.
There was lack of space in uterus and birth canal to correct malposition and so it was decided to undertake fetotomy.
The tot is believed to have developed the condition because he was in the birth canal for too long when his mum went into labour.
The soul cleaves into two somewhere along the birth canal,
Packed into the van's birth canal was the entire team, (minus Rhino and Heath, wisely cast as doctors) who were soon delivered--naked, slimy, but thankfully diapered, all connected via umbilical cord.
In pregnant women, the bacterium can be passed to the baby in the birth canal leading to serious conditions including meningitis, pneumonia or septicaemia.
A cesarean delivery was not possible because the baby was in the birth canal.
Maternal risks include risks associated with the passage of a large foetus through the birth canal. Macrosomic foetuses place the mother at increased risk of birth canal lacerations.
Mum Tracey Taylor, 32, had pleaded for a caesarean, having been told after her first birth she had a narrow birth canal. Her doctor had failed to add the warning to her medical notes.
Mothers may enjoy every moment of the experience from the time that the physician or midwife diagnoses pregnancy to the time that they have to push the baby's head out of the birth canal. Many mothers can appreciate that feeling of fetal kicking for the first time in their pregnancy as well as the moving around and turning back and forth that they also experience.
me, down the narrow birth canal, buried, waiting in the girl until the