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consisting of or made of wood of the birch tree


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After Friday's contest, head coach Marco Sturm said Greiss was still not 100 percent fit, which was why Aus den Birken got the nod.
This is the first study to report an association between hand-held screen time and increased risk of expressive language delay,' Birken added.
Nuremberg poet Sigmund von Birken, born to Protestant parents in Bohemia who were exiled when he was two, referred to Jesus as a refugee in eight poems and songs that were included in volumes by Nuremberg preacher Johann Michael Dilherr and Birken's close friend Catharina Regina von Greiffenberg.
Birken is a revenue generating pharmaceutical development and manufacturing company based in Germany that has developed a recently approved drug for partial thickness wounds and promising potential orphan drug candidate for epidermolysis bullosa.
1] de ethephon com frutos de 10 mm de diametro, reduziram a frutificacao para 10 a 15 frutos por 100 flores, a qual proporciona frutos com maior tamanho, que atendem as exigencias dos consumidores (MELAND & BIRKEN, 2010).
The Birkebeiner event is a summer edition of a winter cross-country ski race and, always keen to try his hand at something new, Errington then devised a plan to train over the winter to complete in the 54-kilometre Birken race.
You'll get a much better rate of return on a smart investment that increases your lifetime career earnings than you could ever hope to get on a small contribution to a Roth IRA,'' says Birken.
Kovalevskaya G, Birken S, Kakuma T, Ozaki N, Sauer M, Lindheim S, et al.
And I'm not having a go at Posh for having more than a hundred Birken bags, worth thousands each.
Helen Watanabe-O'Kelly's chapter 'Literature and the Court, 1450-1720' and John Roger Paas's chapter 'Parallel Lives: Sigmund von Birken and Duke Anton Ulrich' make fascinating reading alongside one another.
Long-time collaborators Birken (emeritus, mathematics) and Coon (English, both: Rochester Institute of Technology, New York) team up yet again to explain how both of their fields are based on patterns.
What is even more interesting is that many major authors of the period composed poetry published by means of broadsheets (one need think only of the sheets dealing with individual figures and events, and of writers like Birken, Zesen, and Greflinger, to name but a very few).
Birken was honored with the Archbishop Edward McCarthy Award from the St.
Housed under DiCaprio's 2-year-old Birken Interactive Studios, the site -- www.
DiCaprio's production company, Birken Productions, has bought the rights to the Kevin Baker novel, which was published last month to glowing reviews.