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a person with confused ideas

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They're no birdbrains YOUNG wild turkeys might not have the "aww" factor of polar bear cubs or baby cheetahs.
For years I've been bombarded with videos and letters from birdbrains who have seen UFOs, actually been inside UFOs and have met up with sexy superbeings from somewhere beyond Sirius.
Soon to come are chukar partridges because we can't really graze sheep or goats on this 10 acres, and I get along with birdbrains better.
The chickens who carried out this policy were birdbrains, literally.
Fellow columnist (Keith) Hann Solo on Tuesday maintained that a few weeks of wellfed but largely flightless freedom more than makes up for the beautiful birdbrains being driven into the guns of massed ranks of Hooray Henries.
McClinton, "In Search of Intelligent Life: When Birdbrains Collide," Police and Security News 22, no.
With what I know about drunk driving, I would be very interested in what those birdbrains at the University of Utah would prefer -- driving in the middle lane between two drivers using cell phones for 100 miles, or driving in the middle lane between two drunk drivers for 20 miles.
Fowl move A FLOCK of wild turkeys have landed in Aneta, North Dakota - but the birdbrains may soon be wishing they'd flown on.
A fact that has led to birdbrains everywhere concluding that the migration habits of this rarely seen but often heard nomad are somehow instinctive.