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an effigy in the shape of a man to frighten birds away from seeds

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And it was here that John proudly displayed his patent bird-scarer (pictured).
Ruffling feathers: parade-ring safety officer Graham Smith in action yesterday as he adds bird-scarer to his cv
We also have more unusual items for sale like a bird-scarer with two gas cylinders and a battery, a steel towrope, a pair of binoculars and a large amount of new clothes and shoes.
The iPod became ubiquitous and, suddenly, the only use for the compact disc was as a bird-scarer on grandad's allotment.
That was guaranteed from the second the stalls opened and Kingsclere shot off as if someone had tied a bird-scarer to his tail.
Scarth's book We'll All Be Union Men is a biography of Joseph Arch, who rose from humble beginnings as a bird-scarer to become MP and a founder member of Warwickshire County Council.
So if you want to join the Society for the Protection of Fruit & Veg, you'll have to invest in a bird-scarer.
Other preventative measures included decreasing household and commercial waste, bird-scarers, wires, spikes or netting, and birds of prey.
Although that is an obvious risk, it is probably just as likely that they will end up being used as ersatz coasters or as bird-scarers hanging off a beanpole in some suburban garden.
People can buy bird-scarers but there is nothing we can do about it," she said.
PUT UP netting and bird-scarers to protect swelling buds on fruit bushes from birds.
Even when they head off to their weekend cottages the rural calm will be shattered by the random explosions of a thousand bird-scarers.