bird pepper

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plant bearing very small and very hot oblong red fruits

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Bird Pepper is nothing more complicated than the Far Eastern name for Tabasco.
Washington tried his hand at raising cayenne pepper, guinea grass, and such peculiarly named plants as bird pepper, birding grass, and painted lady pea.
Boasting everything from basics like allspice and thyme to extremely rare spices such as African bird pepper and grains of paradise, all Tavolo herbs and spices are imported from their prime growing region within one month after harvest and are uniquely processed without the use of chemicals or pesticides.
Prevents curico and integrates their community, each set should contain: 1 loaf african bird pepper, canned 1 drink 350 cc, 1 pudding, semolina w / milk or roasted.
09:30 and 16:30 hrs: tea, coffee, juice, pasta tapaditos bird peppers and cocktail cupcakes.