bird of passage

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Synonyms for bird of passage

someone who leads a wandering unsettled life

any bird that migrates seasonally

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Her other film credits include Watari Dori: A Bird of Passage and The Travelling Reverend.
It was Anderson who selected an excerpt from Bird of Passage, a song from Weill's lovely musical Lost In The Stars, to be engraved on his friend's tombstone.
In Virginia Hamilton's The Magical Adventures of Pretty Pearl (Harper, 1983), Pearl, a goddess on Mount Kenya, looks across the ocean and sees the American slaves, and her strong empathy for them enables her to fly to them, transformed (or disguised) as a bird that rests atop a slavery ship (a bird of passage for the Middle Passage).
Above all, there is his own cautious definition of the swallow in his Dictionary: |A small bird of passage, or, as some say, a bird that lies hid and sleeps in the winter.