bird feeder

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an outdoor device that supplies food for wild birds

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The Gardman Poppy Bird Feeder, along with the charity bird feed blends, is available in garden centres for a limited period at a time when birds struggle to find food.
The Wild Bird Feeder for Backyard's proprietary features insure that a squirrel eventually is frustrated in their attempts to access feed.
20 April 2016 - Denver, US-based wild bird feeder manufacturer Classic Brands LLC has acquired Minnesota, US-based wire forming specialist Hiatt Mfg.
To attract orioles and tanagers, skewer halved oranges onto a spike near other bird feeders, or provide nectar feeders.
Birds feel the same way about their dining habits--the type and cleanliness of your bird feeders directly affects the number and species that will visit your backyard this season.
Henry Corbett, Solus Garden & Leisure's head of gardening brands, says: "One of the most important considerations should be that the bird feeder is suitable for the type of food it's going to hold.
Metacomet Land Trust of Franklin donated three bird feeders and birdseed, enabling the students to take part in the event.
I recently spotted the same product that had been developed into a bird feeder.
Help these northern birds stay fed and happy by making a milk carton bird feeder.
AFTER almost being destroyed by vandals, the world's biggest bird feeder could be seen in all its glory yesterday.
We purchased a bird feeder and had it sitting on our porch for over a year before finally getting around to putting it up.
With the help of this great Bird Feeder Kit, your feathered friends will be able to feast on a delicious bird buffet
Then, it will squeeze back out of the bird feeder and haul the seeds to its underground burrow.
In addition to Emanuel Schongut's lovely illustrations, "Christmas Eve Blizzard" is enhanced for young readers with a Spanish/English glossary for the Spanish words that appear in the text of the story, as well as fun facts about birds (and cardinals in particular), information on making a bird-friendly backyard habitat, easy bird feeder crafts for Christmas and year round, information on what to do if the young reader were to find an injured or orphaned baby bird, and even cardinal numbers and math games
At the Bird Feeder Hat event, see birds up close by sitting under a giant bird feeder hat.