bird's nest

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nest where birds lay their eggs and hatch their young

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There is a ready export market for quality bird's nests in China.
Its nest is made of solidified saliva and is used to make a delicious and expensive meal referred to as bird's nest soup'.
The move comes as the Kingdom's bird's nest industry continues to grow, with profits soaring.
For dessert, the chef sent out cubed dragon fruit and mango topped with chilled bird's nest served in a carved-out dragon fruit rind.
China is the unlikely setting for the rivals' first meeting since the 2013 Super Cup between Bayern Munich and Chelsea, with Beijing's imposing Bird's Nest Stadium playing host to the first-ever Manchester derby on foreign soil.
ANTHONY Joshua could defend his IBF world heavyweight title in the Bird's Nest Stadium in Beijing under ambitious plans being made by promoter Barry Hearn.
A variety of products of Dragon Brand Bird's Nest, a time-honored brand in Singapore were sold out within a few hours.
WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS BBC2 & Eurosport, 11.15am JAMAICA still look worth backing at 3-1 to win the women's 4x400m relay today, the penultimate event on the Bird's Nest Stadium track at the Beijing World Championships, writes Steven Downes.
This always promised to be a fascinating battle between master and apprentice and they did not disappoint at the Bird's Nest.
The edible bird's nest is created by a small bird of the swift family of birds found in Southeast Asia.
During the November 13 Senate Blue Ribbon Committee hearing on the alleged overpricing of the Iloilo Convention Center that was partly funded by Drilon, former Iloilo provincial administrator Manuel Mejorada labeled Iloilo as the country's "bird's nest of corruption."
On 13 January 2014, while walking with my six-year-old grandson near the eastern end of Normanby Road in the Melbourne suburb of Notting Hill (Melway map 70 J10), we found a bird's nest on the footpath near a eucalypt.
Which cave-dwelling bird provides the nests for the Chinese dish bird's nest soup?
Sketch of the edible bird's nest and its important bioactivities.