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Many wildflowers were noted to symbolise hidden emotions in Victorian times, the red rose with true love, the bird's foot trefoil, however, was associated with revenge.
"The bird's foot came off and the gull reportedly crawled away and sadly died.
However, during the course of this study brown shrimp were found to be also abundant in delta marshes in the Bird's Foot Delta around the mouth of the Mississippi River, just to the east of the central coast and Barataria and Terrebonne bays.
At first glance I thought it was a tomato until closer inspection proved it was actually a severed bird's foot and half a leg.
A low forked ridge (like a bird's foot, according to Elger) extends along the elevated floor much like a wrinkle ridge on mare surfaces.
Many areas have naturally resown on an inhospitable terrain with flowers like the yellow wort and bird's foot trefoil.
The second and third only differ in size and are known as the Lesser and Greater Bird's Foot Trefoils.
Dry open spots, particularly on chalk or lime, are ideal for the pasque flower (Pulsatilla vulgaris), cowslip (primula veris), ladies bedstraw (Galium verum), milkwort (Polygala vulgaris), bird's foot trefoil (Lotus corniculatus) and harebell (Campanula rotundifolia).
The nature reserve at Rhydymwyn provides ideal habitat for the species in all of its lifestages - summer flowering knapweed and Bird's foot trefoil provide nectar for adults and the extensive grasslands provide plenty of Yorkshire fog and cock's foot grasses for the caterpillars to eat.
In other places, their project will be using seed or plug plants to introduce wildflowers such as bird's foot trefoil, salad burnet and pepper saxifrage.
Adrian had agreed to show me some of the roadside verges in the area, and so we were soon driving around the leafy lanes that surround Moel Findeg on the eastern side of the Clwydian Range of hills, and admiring the verges, here and there dotted with limestone grassland plants, such as bird's foot trefoil and lady's bedstraw.
Pedata,growing to 1.8m(12ft) with striking grey-green leaves shaped like a bird's foot, with a prominent central ``claw''.
While much of the symbolic language used in Kyrgyz carpets has been lost, a bird's foot design is still said to indicate happiness--because "where birds leave their prints signifies a good blessing"
Another colloquial name is Bird's Foot Trefoil, which has a tiny yellow pea-like flower and almost minute clover-like leaf.