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consisting of or made of wood of the birch tree


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Elaine Taylor, regional sales and marketing director for Taylor Wimpey, says: "As a local housebuilder, we are committed to supporting the communities in which we build our new homes, so we were delighted to be able to help Birchen Coppice Primary School.
She pulled into the garage and ushered me through her birchen to the flagstone patio behind the house.
Recent work has largely concentrated on Shenstone's popular poem, The School-Mistress: see Paul Baines, "Writing, Gender and Discipline in Shenstone's The School-Mistress: 'Tway Birchen Sprays'" British Journal for Eighteenth-Century Studies 26 (2003): 177-87; and David Hill Radcliffe, "The Poetry Professors: Eighteenth-Century Spenserianism and Romantic Concepts of Culture," 1650-1850: Ideas, Aesthetics, and Inquiries in the Early Modern Era 5 (2000): 121-50.
Varieties: black-breasted red, brown red, golden duckwing, silver duckwing, birchen, red pyle, white, black, and wheaten.
In the poultry section, the championship went to Mrs Samantha Berry of Rectory Farm, of Thornton in Craven, Skipton, with a female Birchen, whilst in the pigeons, Roy Sutcliffe of Keighley showed the Champion and Reserve Fancy Pigeon whilst Keith and Gill Robson of Darlington showed the Champion Fancy Flyer.
Down nearly to the ground, the pole was dressed with birchen boughs, and others of the liveliest green, and some with silvery leaves, fastened by ribbons that fluttered in fantastic knots of twenty different colors, but no sad ones.
John Wilson Croker, "Review of 'Eighteen Hundred and Eleven,'" Quarterly Review 7 (1812), argues that Barbauld has "miserably mistaken both her powers and her duty, in exchanging the birchen for the satiric rod, and abandoning the superintendance [sic] of the 'ovilia' of the nursery, to wage war on the 'reluctantes dracones,' statesmen, and warriors, whose misdoings have aroused her indignant muse.
We may find it where a spring shines clear, beneath an aged tree, With the foxglove o'er the water's glass borne downwards by the bee; Or where a swift and sunny gleam on the birchen stems is thrown, As a soft wind playing parts the leaves, in copses green and lone.
Reserve - M& J Woolway, (Black Red Cockerel) Best Black or Blue --EThompson (Blue Pullet) Best Furness or Polecat Bantam - E Trickett, Barnsley (Polecat Hen) Reserve - E Thompson (Furness Pullet) Best Modern Game - J Steele, Aberdare (Brown Red Pullet) Best Birchen Modern Game - Davies & Son, Pontarddulais Best Dark Red or Partridge --E Trickett (Partridge Cockerel) Best Pile - P Owens, Basildon Best Oxford - N & S Hughes
In the next passage, he describes Isabel's own representation of the cottage, the "curious picture" (133) she has sketched with purple berries on a "strip of pinky-silver skin / Peeled from the birchen bark
The group set off from Birchen Clough, near Hope, Derbyshire, just after lunch.
The anonymous author of a vigorous Whig pamphlet, appropriately entitled A Birchen Rod for Dr Birch: or Some Animadversions Upon His Sermon, for example, argued that the good doctor should remember the Lord's Prayer and forgive, rather than:
The package will also contain an exclusively designed 6"x 6" artwork lithograph available in this package only plus a bonus instantly available downloadable versions of "Divinations," and "Colony Of Birchen," (both Live from XFM UK).
Louise Halvorsen, 35, falsely claimed she was a single mum living alone in Birchen Road, Halewood, over "12 years of dishonesty".
She attended Birchen Coppice Primary School in Kidderminster before moving onto Harry Cheshire High School.