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With autumn just around the corner, take inspiration from the spacious nature of leafless forests and create a dramatic room based on birch trees.
It is the sap that awakens the birch tree to a new spring, new growth.
After almost two years tackling the challenges of planning and building, 38-year-old Martin and Lisa, his wife of 15 years, have finally moved into their dream home in Birch Tree Grove.
I threw down my knapsack and towel and let the leafy overhang of a scrubby birch tree shade my face.
Beneath the falls grew a fragile birch tree, bending over the foam.
He borrows the facetious adjective kotikoivuinen (made up of the two nouns koti [home] and koivu [birch]) from his sister Martta, who uses it to describe herself as someone who does not like to go too far from the birch tree at home.
Ruhlen considers especially compelling his finding that the Ket word for birch bark is almost identical to a root word meaning either birch bark or birch tree in Athabaskan, a subfamily of Na-Dene.
of Smasher Entertainment and Art Birzneck of Birch Tree Entertainment announced today at the American Film Market that they are teaming up to produce a slate of youth-oriented martial arts films targeted at the teen and twenty-something audience.
CNPF, the Philippines' largest canned food company, has established market leadership locally for its brands Century Tuna, Argentina Corned Beef, 555 Sardines, and Birch Tree.
The property also enjoys a spacious and well maintained garden which is laid to lawn and has mature evergreen boarders, a beautiful silver birch tree, sandstone front wall boundary, a sealed well and a Yorkshire stone pathway leading to the front door.
The group provided a birch tree which was planted in the school quadrangle by two students watched by the Mayor of Prestatyn and other civic representatives.
The minister planted a downy birch tree before being accompanied by owner Mark Sillars on a tour around the farm.
Q The old birch tree in my garden has several large twiggy lumps growing from the upper branches.