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Five pairs of biramous pleopods, their endopodites as laterally directed ovate lobes, endopodites oblong and posteriorly directed; all pleopods larger on longer side of body.
Segments 4 and 5 of the male abdomen are partly fused, whereas the mature female abdomen is broad with free segments and biramous pleopods on segments 2-5.
Clonal analysis of Distal-less and engrcziled expression patterns during early morphogenesis of uniramous and biramous crustacean limbs.
Rudiments of the antennules and biramous antennae are clearly defined, the latter with a medial epipodite.
Because aesthetascs are by far the most numerous type of olfactory chemoreceptive sensilla in crayfish, and since early experiments indicate that the aesthetasc-bearing lateral flagellum of the biramous antennule is more essential for odor-tracking behavior (Dunham et al.
Sex was determined by the presence of biramous pleopods for females and uniramous pleopopds for males (Morgan 1980).
Region B composed of two greatly expanded, biramous segments (B1 and B2) and three additional uniramous segments, B1 much larger than B2, notopodia of B1-2 with up to 10 internal chaetae, neuropodia as uncinal plates in a single lobe.