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consisting of or combining two races

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Reactions to Rose's biracial child become a lens to examine post-Civil War bitterness, as well as the role of women and society in the mountain states.
His social media accounts flood with messages from other biracial young people living in Korea who say he's given them confidence.
They find Markle, who identifies herself as biracial filling in the gap.
Maria and Khalil, subjects of a documentary about biracial children, live in Brooklyn as she works on a dissertation about the Jonestown massacre.
KEYWORDS: biracial identity, mixed race, South Korea, multicultural, colorism
This article provides a snapshot of the multiracial literary terrain, and demonstrates a few ways that biracial teens negotiate power in contemporary young adult publications.
It would seem that, for biracial women, looking racially ambiguous is tied to racial stereotypes surrounding femininity and beauty," says study author Lauren Davenport, assistant professor of political science at Stanford University, Palo Alto, Calif.
Being biracial and experiencing both cultures growing up has helped me communicate well with others.
Today, the multiple heritage population (those with parents from two different racial and/or ethnic groups, often referred to as biracial or multiracial) is described as the fastest growing population in the United States (Florido, 2013).
The authors conducted an exhaustive search for research articles and identified 10 published articles that addressed biracial and multiracial individuals from the years 1991 to 2013 in top-tier counseling journals.
The 40-year-old was criticized earlier this year for comments she made on "Fashion Police" about biracial teen actress Zendaya's dreadlocks.
The good news is that Kevin Costner does some of the finest, most deeply felt work of his career as a widower lawyer fighting for custody of his biracial granddaughter in Mike Binder's "Black and White.
The 'Rumor has it' actor reunited with his Upside of Anger director Mike Binder for the project, in which he stars as a man fighting for custody of his biracial granddaughter, Contactmusic reported.
How one identifies themselves and is identified by others can impact biracial students' college experience and the groups to which biracial students interact.
However, parents can identify the same infant as white, African American, biracial, or some other race/ethnicity in surveys and administrative records.