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consisting of or combining two races

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In searching for sources of inconsistency between birth certificate and survey data, we examine the possible role of biracial/biethnic heritage (hereafter, biracial heritage).
The current study extends previous research by examining antecedents and patterns of use across multiple racial groups as well as a large sample of biracial adolescents.
com/) General Mills ' Cheerios brand, a biracial female child asks her white mother if Cheerios are good for your heart.
In particular, I argue that the references to Stowe's novel in The Autobiography of an Ex-Colored Man expose the historical challenges faced by biracial men of the early twentieth century, whose lives continued to be shadowed by the legacy of slavery.
Few empirical research studies in the past decade have addressed the counseling needs of biracial, multiracial, or multiple heritage adolescents (Abu-Rayya, 2006; Renn, 2003; Wallace, 2004; Ward, 2006).
This number was further reduced when we accounted for the common use of biracial, multiracial, and mixed race to describe racially diverse groups, not racially mixed individuals (for example, a multiracial sample inclusive of more than one racial group).
Michelle LeBeau, a biracial tomboy raised by her grandparents in rural Wisconsin in 1974, is subjected to taunts and assaults as the only person of color in town--that is, until a black couple moves in, and Michelle becomes witness to ignorance and savagery.
I think it's really important to acknowledge who you are and everything that makes you that," says Laura Wood, the 19-year-old vice president of Maryland's Multiracial and Biracial Student Association.
Light, Bright, and Damned Near White: Biracial and Triracial Culture in America adds to the 'Race and Ethnicity in Psychology' series, but is reviewed here for its wider-ranging appeal to social issues as well as psychology collections.
This article synthesises and critically reviews literature from the ethnic socialisation, biracial, acculturation and adoption fields.
The miseducation of our children and young adults encourages them to believe that they are less than their White, Hispanic and biracial counterparts, that they are not equally intelligent or worthy, and that learning more about whom they are as individuals and integral parts of a unique ethnic group is unwarranted.
2 years in a community-based population of 3503 adults from the Chicago Health and Aging project, an on-going, population-based, biracial study in adults aged 65 years or older.
AS BIRACIAL WOMEN, WENDI LEVY and Kim Etheredge couldn't find haircare products for their curly hair texture.
The Flower Girl/The Ring Bear" has added cultural educational value implicit in the clear message of the illustrations that this is a biracial marriage, in addition to the formal bonding of two different families with different views, cultural backgrounds, or lifestyles.
Biracial, with a generational gap, this relationship puzzles many, but Dutchess hopes to explain it and offers a very different sort of love story.