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an algebraic equation of the fourth degree

an equation of the fourth degree

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a polynomial of the fourth degree

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Yabuki, "Electronically tunable current-mode universal biquadratic filter using CCCDBAs," in Proc.
The shape functions [[phi].sub.i] for biquadratic element with node numbering shown in Figure 1(c) are defined as
This is different from the EnergyPlus model, which uses a biquadratic curve fit to represent the data.
The advantage of this tool is able to find the limit values, not to aggravate or solve solutions of biquadratic equations.
In a preliminary study, the interpolation with biquadratic velocity and bilinear pressure was used.
Within each element the velocity is interpolated by a biquadratic (9 nodes) function while the pressure is interpolated by a bilinear (4 nodes) function.
This results in a biquadratic equation, that may be transformed into a simple quadratic one by making the following changes: [x.sup.2] = y, [Mathematical Expression Omitted], [Mathematical Expression Omitted], [g.sub.c] = g, and [x.sub.c] = f, Thus, we are left with
A mesh of biquadratic Langrangian elements of the sort used in the Hele-Shaw analysis is shown in Fig.
These are of the [P.sup.2] - [C.sup.0] and [P.sup.1]-[C.sup.0] or biquadratic and bilinear type for the velocity and pressure, respectively.
The mathematical model is implemented using a Lagrangian finite element formulation; the pipe cross section is represented by a mesh of biquadratic isoparametric elements, which can be thought of as embedded in the material, and which thus deforms as the sag flow occurs.
The computational domain is discretized into a finite element mesh using biquadratic rectangular elements.
All variable are expanded in terms of biquadratic basis functions, except pressure, which is expanded in terms of bilinear basis functions.
In particular, they build on recent work to provide a new analysis and classification of the Ladenheim catalogue, and to obtain an improved understanding of the structure and realization power of the class within the biquadratic positive-real functions.
Lee, "High-Q biquadratic notch filter synthesis using nodal admittance matrix expansion", Int.