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an optical device for obtaining interference fringes

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GRENOUILLE (french for "frog") is a SHG FROG device that uses a Fresnel biprism to replace the beam splitter, delay line, and beam-recombining optics of the autocorrelator.
Newtons Ring Apparatus to determine wavelength of sodium light,Set up to determine the wavelength of sodium light by Fresnel's biprism,Setup to determine wavelength of sodium light using diffraction grating & spectrometer,Set up to measure small thickness of a piece of paper using Newtons Rings technique,Setup to find e/m of an electron by J.
The complex includes a high-resolution scanning transmission mode, a high-sensitivity energy dispersive X-ray spectrometer (EDX), a biprism for electron holography, and a digital camera.
Fesnels Biprism complete set up this means optical bench type set up consisting of Fresnels biprism double convex lens, sodium light source etc.