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application of a needle heated by an electric current to destroy tissue (as to remove warts)

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Bipolar electrocautery was used in Group B, to cut the frenulum and hemostasis was achieved automatically by cauterization.
We have noticed that the PlasmaBlade is not as effective as bipolar electrocautery in controlling the bleeding because it features a thin tip.
In that particular study, 3 adult patients developed intraoperative bleeding from the tonsillar artery in the inferior pole region and the bleeding was controlled by bipolar electrocautery. In the present study, postoperative bleeding was developed in both groups, being significantly more prevalent in the adult age group.
There were statistically meaningful results (p<0.05) in favor of bipolar electrocautery, between separation among tissue layers, edema, congestion, necrosis, hemorrhage, destruction in blood vessel walls and fibrin accumulation, fibrin thrombus existence, and tissue damage depth in proportion to temperature degrees.
A 0-degree 4mm Karl Storz rigid endoscope was introduced Micorsurgical instruments with 1mm fine tipped Debakey forceps and irrigating Bipolar electrocautery were used for endoscope assisted dissection around the thyroid gland.
Even though we have bipolar electrocautery (micro-bipolar forceps) at our disposal, we employ it sparingly to avoid occult thermal damage to the tubal epithelium.
The exposed superficial medial femoral artery and vein are cauterized with bipolar electrocautery forceps.
Objective: To compare the efficacy and post-operative complications between unipolar electrocautery and bipolar electrocautery in cases of anterior epistaxis.
We performed a retrospective study of 318 patients with posterior epistaxis treated with endoscopic bipolar electrocautery during a 4-year period.
In this study, we chose to use bipolar electrocautery for performing thyroid surgeries that is sutureless thyroidectomy.