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Gerlat passed on taking the biplane ride, but helped Bridges get seated in the four-passenger and one-pilot plane.
As far as Derek is aware, only one version of the WF and E Co Biplane was ever built, but if readers can throw any more light on the subject call 01384 889000, email jworkman@blackcountrybugle.
crash drama Old biplane clatters into car yesterday
Those taking part will be strapped securely to the top wing of a vintage Boeing Stearman biplane with their own highly experienced pilot.
Among the first aeroplane designs known to man, a biplane is a fixed wing aircraft with two main wings stacked on above the other.
He said: "I feel like I've climbed out of a biplane and into a spaceship.
OUT OF CONTROL Jane is just feet from the ground as the biplane starts to spin J
Washington, Mar 20 ( ANI ): Researchers have come up with the biplane design that could produce considerably less drag than conventional single wing aircrafts.
The defaced replica of an 18thcentury stone bust is being unveiled at the Liverpool gallery today - just days after he spraypainted a biplane on the wall of a city centre car park.
The artist, who spray painted a biplane on the wall of a city centre car park over the weekend, has sawn off the face of a replica of an 18th Century stone bust and glued on a selection of bathroom tiles.
New Zealander, Captain Joseph Joel Hammond took off from what was then the Ascot Racecourse in a Bristol Box-kite biplane on a journey that lasted less than ten minutes.
Summary: At least one spectator has been killed when a propeller-powered biplane ploughed into a crowd at an air show in southern Germany.
If money were no object, she concedes, she would have a biplane built that would withstand up to 10 +/- Gs and have about 375 hp.
John Beattie, general manager of Royal Navy Historic Flight, the organisation that owns the biplane, said: "BAE Systems has already helped us by restoring the wing spars, a problem that threatened to ground the type almost indefinitely.
New evidence suggests that dinosaurs may have beaten the Wright Brothers to the punch in coming up with a biplane design.