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Additionally, blood glucose levels were not measured during the night, a period when participants were at risk owing to the peak of biphasic insulin action occurring 2-4 hours after dinner.
Factor Effect on insulin pharmacokinetics Physical status Although insulin glargine molecule is (i) Soluble insulin soluble in formulation, the reduced (ii) Insulin suspensions solubility at neutral pH results in the (iii) Biphasic insulin formation of microprecipitates upon SC mixtures injection with delayed absorption as a result [84].
Efficacy and Safety Analysis of Insulin Degludec/Insulin Aspart (IDegAsp) Compared with Biphasic Insulin Aspart 30 : A Phase 3, Multicenter, International, Open-label, Randomized, Treat-to-target Trial in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Fasting during Ramadan.
Higher doses of twice-daily biphasic insulin were prescribed to patients at higher baseline HbA1c levels (>8.0%) than to those with HbA1c levels of [less than or equal to]8.0% (mean 55.6 (17.7) IU/d v.
On the other hand, Dashora (2009), comparing blood glucose control when patients used biphasic insulin aspart (BIAsp) three times a day (using 70/30 high-mix before breakfast and lunch), with biphasic human insulin (BHI, 30/70) twice daily in adults with Type-2 diabetes already treated with insulin; he found out that an insulin regimen using high-mix BIAsp (BIAsp 70) before breakfast and lunch and BIAsp 30 before dinner can achieve lower blood glucose levels during the day through reduced mealtime glucose excursions, in particular at lunchtime than a twice-daily premix regimen.
In contrast to results at 1 year, initiation and intensification of prandial insulin aspart or basal insulin detemir provided better blood glucose control than did biphasic Insulin. Overall, patients initially treated with basal insulin detemir experienced fewer hypoglycemic episodes and less weight gain.
In this last issue of our Journal, you will find some interesting papers which are "Biphasic insulin analogues in type 2 diabetes, expert panel recommendations," "Oxidative stress markers in metabolic syndrome," "Association of Sp1 Colagen Type lg1 gene polymorphisim with the bone mineral density," ganglioneuroma" and "Diabetic ketoasidosis.
Improved glycemic control of thrice-daily biphasic insulin aspart compared with twice-daily biphasic human insulin; a randomized, open-label trial in patients with type 1 or type 2 diabetes Diabetes.
They were randomized to one of three regimens in the first year: prandial insulin aspart (NovoRapid) three times daily, biphasic insulin aspart (NovoMix 30) twice daily, or basal detemir (Levemir) once or twice daily.
They were randomized to one of three supplemental insulin regimens in the first year: prandial insulin aspart (NovoRapid) three times daily, biphasic insulin aspart (NovoMix 30) twice daily, or basal detemir (Levemir) once daily, or twice if needed.
Two human insulin formulations namely regular and biphasic insulin (30/70) were purchased from the open market from three different manufacturers namely Novo Nordisk, Eli Lily and Biocon.
Biphasic insulin aspart 30: Literature review of adverse events associated with treatment.
Comparison of twice-daily biphasic insulin apart 70/30 (BIAsp 70/30) with once daily insulin glargine (GLA) in patients with type 2 DM on oral antidiabteic agents.