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having two feet

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"Before this study," says Morschhauser, "we had to rely on Psittacosaurus, a more distantly related and unusual ceratopsian, for our picture of what the last bipedal ceratopsian looked like."
The versatility provided by the bipedal humanoid form is why researchers want to recreate it in robotic form.
Writer Kenneth Johnson took a page from a 1962 Twilight Zone episode oTo Serve Mano, wherein human scientists belately discover that their new ET ofriendso are actually bipedal reptilians in the guise of humans with a plan to pillage Earth of its natural resources (primarily water) and harvest humans for food.
A bipedal, humanoid Pokemon Jynx is also said to appear frequently at the Seonjeongneung Royal Tombs.
Specificity of foot configuration during bipedal stance in ballet dancers.
A systematic study of the fossils of all these creatures indicates that the gradually adopted a bipedal character, and lived in groups.
Goats can browse higher than sheep and cows (Sanon et al., 2007) and at least 10% of foraging time is spent in bipedal mode (Dove, 2010).
When he gets mixed up with Billy Matrix, the self-proclaimed authority on the "North American Bipedal Great Ape", things get interesting--and dangerous.
After all, shambling, bipedal primates are a common occurrence in folklore, in North America and beyond.
In humans the foramen magnum is situated beneath the skull, as the head is ballanced atop an erect bipedal body.8 In paleontology the foramen magnum is used to determine whether an animal was bipedal.
It works in bipedal mode, and it can kneel down to roll around on wheels.
Bipedal locomotion dates back to the 1970s in the former Yugoslavia [Vukobratovic, 2005] with the introduction of center of pressure models to describe human gait.
asked, "If all they found was the skull, spine and arms, how do they know it was bipedal?"
Scientists infer that it was a small, bipedal herbivore that would have foraged for its food and stayed out of the way of larger, carnivorous predators.