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Synonyms for biped

an animal with two feet

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Professor Michael Ryan of Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada, another collaborator, said: 'This posture shift during growth from quadruped to biped is unusual for dinosaurs, or indeed any animal.
- Biped (Motion) Competitor Revenue Share (in %) in the US: 2019 & 2025
Some years later, when the next born made his way into our lives, there was silence on all fronts as we juggled quadruped and biped and brushed fur and washed nappies -- and tried to keep fur out of the nappies -- and a lot else.
In 1835, when the New York Sun described "men with bat wings (Vespertilio-homo), unicorns, and biped beavers" living on the moon, the newspaper's circulation soared; the paper claimed that it was merely reporting what astronomer Sir John Herschel had seen from his South African observatory, and as Young points out, these "great Astronomical discoveries" suddenly became the talk of the town.
Biped robots receive a lot of attention from the scientists and engineers these years [1-10].
The beasts are a menagerie of the weird and wondrous, including an emotionally needy woodland biped called a Bowtruckle and a long-snouted burrowing mammal called a Niffler.
Secret Agent 00K9, is an animated action adventure series written by award winning animation producer Brian Neil Hoff featuring a spy dog biped existing in animal-human fantasy world.
To accomplish biped locomotion, a strong focus needs to be put forth at three levels: motion planning for foot placement, body pose estimation, and feedback control of the stance and swinging legs.
Among the topics are a joint parameter mapping method for the control of a knee prosthesis, the design and motion planning of a quadruped robotic platform, coupled elastic actuation for biped walking, stabilizing an acrobot after landing, and towards the development of ethically compliant robots.
The aims of this paper are to describe in detail the Las Sereas 7, one of the tracksites in the Tithonian-Berriasian of the Cameros basin (Rupelo Fm.) (Platt, 1986), to discuss the ichnotaxonomy of the quadruped and biped trackways, and to compare them with similar ichnofaunas from Tithonian-Berriasian interval in the Iberian Peninsula.
The 3D Linear Inverted Pendulum Mode: A simple modeling for a biped walking pattern generation.
In addition the helicopters that we were working on were close to biped robots in the sense that both had to be light and compact and required high-tech equipment.