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Synonyms for bipartite

divided into two portions almost to the base

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involving two parts or elements

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n]))} is bipartite digraphical if and only if {([p.
6: There is an edge decomposition of G such that each partition class is a star in G if and only if G is bipartite.
The spam filtering process is as follows: bipartite graphs between blogs and words are extracted from updated blog data.
2] form an approximate directed bipartite community.
Joint health and safety committee education and the value of bipartite cooperation in the healthcare sector in British Columbia, Canada.
Its bipartite plan pits a zone of offices and study areas against a much larger hangar-like volume for the archive material.
He said: "Following the intensive off-season training, my right knee, which has a bipartite patella, started to act up again.
Differentiation of an acute patella fracture from a bipartite patella may be difficult.
Reeve on a particular aspect of post-Lachmannianism, the nature and frequency of bipartite stemmas ('Additional Materials A.
There are a few familiar works here, such as the tender "Berceuse" and the bipartite song "Memories" (a popular encore item), but I suspect that much of this material will be unfamiliar to most listeners.
Canadian decision makers refer so regularly to the bipartite nature of the test for persecution in refugee claims that one rarely gives the matter a second thought.
Petrarch's Canzoniere incorporates many of the previous songbooks' technical and poetic characteristics, from the exploitation of virtually all available metrical forms to the construction of his collection following the bipartite structure typical of Dante's Vita nuova: namely, the celebration of the beloved, first, when she is alive; and, second, when she is dead and in heaven.
It contains articles of an often fascinating character, based on papers given in 1998 at two conferences associated with a bipartite exposition held in Rome and Paris.
The title indicates the book's bipartite structure: the first half focuses on gestures used in oratory, the second on the formalized chants of crowds.