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dark brown to black mica found in igneous and metamorphic rock

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The granitoids are represented mainly by aegirine-riebeckite grey (Karunjhar) granite, grey to pinkish granite, and biotite (with or without hornblende) pink granite (Jan et al.
Petrographically identical samples of so-called "Silasia granite" were medium-grained biotite granite with allotriomorphic grains (quartz, feldspar) with the exception of biotite (hypidiomorphic) and directionless structure.
2008); potassium sources such as illite, biotite and microcline (Zhou & Huang, 2007); and even biotite and phlogopite bacterial dissolution (Balland, Pozwa, Leywal, & Mustin, 2010).
On the other hand, many petrologists would attribute the rare development of staurolite as compared with garnet, biotite and kyanite to a more restricted P-T range (Deer et al.
These rock-forming minerals were quartz, potassium feldspar, plagioclase, muscovite, biotite and amphibole.
1990) the high-grade metamorphic rocks in both the Chuggin Road and Lime Hill units include biotite, bioitite-cordierite, and sillimanite-bearing paragneiss, migmatitic paragneiss, marble, quartzite, amphibolite, and tonalitic orthogneiss.
On the basis of these studies we can conclude that the decrease of cement- and water demand as well as increase the quality factor as a component of composite binder with application of highly- magnesian raw material during sieving of silty fraction is achieved by reducing the content of biotite in the total mass (see Table.
Biotite, muscovite, zircon and hornblende also probably have igneous origin.
Summary: The present paper aims to synthesize new family of fluoride free Mn- Biotite type having the optimized formula NaMn2.
It recorded the basement rocks, from 98m, as intensely altered and brecciated with a matrix of biotite, chlorite, haematite and pyrite, considered to be proximal indicators of IOCG-style alteration.
The lithology of intrusive rocks consists of gabbro, diorite, quartz diorite, granodiorite, biotite granite and leucogranite.
Wide zones of low grade gold (Au) and silver (Ag) mineralization, accompanied by widespread propylitic alteration, biotite hornfels and silicification were intersected in a number of drillholes at spatially separate targets including Mabel Jenny, Mabel Jenny North and the Prince of Wales (Table 1).
Similarly, our lab previous study reported a kind of a commercially mineral additive named Biotite V (61.