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terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare

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During a bioterrorist event, school counselors must exhibit the "six Cs" of disaster mental health (Mitchell & Everly, 2001; World Health Organization, 2003).
Due to the escalating fear of bioterrorist attacks in recent years, the Ministry of Welfare and Labor in Japan has prepared guidelines for dealing with a bioterrorist attack and has instructed local government bodies to make adequate preparations for dealing with bioterrorism.
Smallpox is one of the few potential bioterrorist agents for which a vaccine is available, meaning that nations have been able to stockpile smallpox vaccine as a countermeasure.
It will be outfitted with equipment to detect bioterrorist microbes and poisonous chemicals and include decontamination apparatuses.
Bioterrorist agents, such as nerve agents, sulfur mustard agents, and cyanide compounds, are included as well as detailed animal-exposure information and reference values for assessing potential human exposure.
Company can help processors comply with the new regulations by explaining the relevance of new terms like IPS and ISR and giving them the tools they need to provide precisely the right information within several hours after an investigation into a bioterrorist attack begins.
This testimony is based largely on recent work, including a report on state and local preparedness for a bioterrorist attack; preliminary findings from current work on updates of bioterrorism preparedness at the state and local levels; and findings from a survey GAO conducted on hospital emergency department capacity and emergency preparedness.
Are personal digital assistants an effective way to get breaking information on a bioterrorist attack to clinicians?
To begin preparing the nation for a smallpox bioterrorist attack, President George W.
Its Center for the Study of Bioterrorism and Emerging Infections is the only such center specifically funded by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to prepare first responders to handle a bioterrorist attack.
President George Bush will make the smallpox vaccine available to all Americans on a voluntary basis to guard against a bioterrorist attack.
The group is supplying the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention with two vaccines which will be used in case of bioterrorist attack.
This new page provides access to the Bioterrorism Act which was signed by President Bush on 12 June 2002 and authorizes the Department of Health and Human Services (HSS) to take specific measures in the protection of the nation's food and drug supplies against bioterrorist threats.
The United States is not prepared to protect its farm industry from a bioterrorist attack nor can it ensure the safety of its meat supply from potentially deadly bacteria, two separate government-sponsored reports said.
The truth about Stevens's case soon emerged--four more people were killed by anthrax-laced letters sent by a bioterrorist still at large--and with it the embarrassing fact that the Bush administration had essentially botched the job of communicating with the American people.