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terrorism using the weapons of biological warfare

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A bioterrorist attack on the United States could take the form of an introduction of a mutated avian flu virus, capable of being passed human-to-human into unsanitary villages in Mexico.
But Waxman and the generic drug industry have concerns and criticisms about Bioshield II bills that the congressman charges rely on exclusivity and patent restoration to incentivize innovation of drugs to counter bioterrorist attacks.
Like Ebola and Marburg, anthrax and plague are among the so-called 'Category A' agents, which are considered by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and the World Health Organization (WHO) to pose a significant risk in the event of use as bioterrorist agents.
Concerned about the potentially devastating effects that bioterrorist attacks or infectious disease outbreaks could wreak, many jurisdictions are launching electronic tracking systems to quickly detect such events.
Because children and adolescents are among the most vulnerable populations during a bioterrorist attack, school counselors must be prepared with knowledge and skills.
States have made progress in protecting Americans from a bioterrorist attack, but they still have a long way to go, a report from Trust for America's Health (TFAH) concluded.
Plague is the world's most dangerous bacterial disease, a frightening bioterrorist threat to the world, and yet largely misunderstood by the general public: enter Wendy Orent's Plague: The Mysterious Past And Terrifying Future Of The World's Most Dangerous Disease, which uses the science journalist's background to easily explain the history and function of the plague germ to lay audiences.
It will be outfitted with equipment to detect bioterrorist microbes and poisonous chemicals and include decontamination apparatuses.
Bioterrorist agents, such as nerve agents, sulfur mustard agents, and cyanide compounds, are included as well as detailed animal-exposure information and reference values for assessing potential human exposure.
Company can help processors comply with the new regulations by explaining the relevance of new terms like IPS and ISR and giving them the tools they need to provide precisely the right information within several hours after an investigation into a bioterrorist attack begins.
In light of bioterrorist and other terrorist threats, the university-wide training initiative is geared toward senior government officials with responsibilities for preparedness and public health.
Wolverton, PhD, Picayune, MS, a former scientist with the Department of Defense (DOD), indicates that the most likely approach terrorists might use in a bioterrorist attack is to employ an aerosolizer to release biological and chemical warfare agents into a building's ventilation ducts.
This testimony is based largely on recent work, including a report on state and local preparedness for a bioterrorist attack; preliminary findings from current work on updates of bioterrorism preparedness at the state and local levels; and findings from a survey GAO conducted on hospital emergency department capacity and emergency preparedness.