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a branch of biology that studies biological phenomena and observations by means of statistical analysis

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The results would be sent to the biostatistician to analyze and compile.
Unfortunately, many biostatisticians appear relatively unaware of the EBD movement and do not use the successful EBD integration techniques in their teaching.
With over 10,000 dedicated professionals including doctors, pharmacologists, physicians, biomedical engineers, pharmacists, biostatisticians, medical writers, and GxP consultants, we provide domain-aligned consulting, IT, business process and analytics solutions globally.
Surprisingly, a significant portion of contracts (mean of 35 percent) involved clinical trial protocol design, which is a key function of biostatisticians and clinical teams in pharmaceutical companies (Table 1).
With the addition of BioCor's team of biostatisticians and medical writers, UBC now offers the industry's strongest combination of scientific expertise and high-quality service in a highly specialized field.
BioCor biostatisticians and medical writers will join UBC's growing roster of scientific experts.
Arguably, the conduct of important trials is more commonly limited by insufficient government and industry funding; scarcity of appropriately trained clinical scientists, biostatisticians, and support personnel; and disinterest or prejudice of physicians themselves.
As this partnership has developed, the COEP has involved other center members--including biostatisticians, modelers, and epidemiologists--to support community-driven research on the relationship between kidney disease and uranium exposures.
The staff biostatisticians were salaried; therefore any investigator could use their services without charge in the application stage.
East makes it easy for biostatisticians and clinicians to:
The National Cancer Institute is seeking computer-related support for its biostatisticians, epidemiologists, geneticists and other professionals.
Standing: Senior physicians, senior administrators, biostatisticians.
Biostatisticians use the word evidence as a statistical concept.
Send manuscripts to at least three independent reviewers carefully chosen for their area of expertise, such as content specialists or biostatisticians.