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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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Bioptic material was not evaluable in 2 patients with a positive [sup.68]Ga-PET/CT.
Caption: Figure 10 This 26g adjustable BiOptic unit is mounted superior to the line of sight by 10[degrees].
The authors demonstrated that the downmodulation of miR-193a-3p in HCC was not mediated by DNA methylation in a cohort of 30 matched peritumoral and HCC tissues from bioptic samples.
Hysteroscopy with biopsy was performed in 93 patients (44.3%) and in 7 patients (3.3%) the bioptic method was not specified by the referring gynecologists.
The current gold standard is the determination of RAS status in surgical or bioptic specimens.
All checkout lanes are equipped with the full imaging bioptic NCR RealScan 7879 scanners that are able to read any kind of bar code quickly and accurately.
Whether that's a new hybrid bioptic scanner/scale, a handheld or fixed mount imager, or full or self-service, the need is already here in the marketplace today, and "many retailers do not have the technology in place to handle it."
Although there are glasses to help those with this condition, called bioptic telescopes, they're bulky and can be a bit embarrassing.
Hysteroscopy is the method that enables taking bioptic samples with magnification from camera.
Retroperitoneoscopy and endoscopic method for inspection and bioptic examination of the retroperito neal space.
Clinical experience, concerning diseases of oral soft tissue, shows a series of advantages and disadvantages of the various techniques used for bioptic procedures, confirming important positive outcomes on laser treated lesions [2,4, 9].
Our patient received a bioptic diagnosis of primary FSGS which appears atypical in both clinical and histologic features.
A curriculum for training patients with peripheral visual field loss to use bioptic amorphic lenses.