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examination of tissues or liquids from the living body to determine the existence or cause of a disease

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In some US states and a few non-EU member states BiOptic units have been approved for a 'restricted' driving license.
group II--34 bioptic samples--in which the histological analysis confirmed the diagnosis of preneoplastic lesions (dysplasia) in the epithelium of the cervix.
The athlete was submitted to a bioptic sampling of the laterocervical lymph nodes confirming the diagnosis previously hypothesized.
The desire to capture more information and track the impact of promotions helped fuel the birth of coupon DataBar usage," says Mark Hernandez, senior product manager, bioptic scanners for Honeywell Scanning and Mobility, based in Fort Mill, S.
Answer: Our flagship product is the Magellan 8500 bioptic.
If your best corrected vision is below 20/40, you may be able to drive using a bioptic telescope system.
For example large button remote controls and bioptic telescope will help you enjoy your favourite television program.
Histology: All bioptic specimens were fixed in buffered formalin and embedded in paraffin.
Under the Photonic Products contract, the British subsidiary would supply over 100,000 laser assemblies for next-generation bioptic point-of-sale bar code scanner systems, which Blodgett called the "the most advanced bar code scanner.
A Rosebud release (in Greece) of a Bioptic, Anemon production, in association with Arte-ZDF, Hellenic Broadcasting Corp.
Histopathology of bioptic samples revealed epithelioid neoplastic proliferation with a tubulopapillary pattern, falsely suggesting metastatic adenocarcinomatosis.
In bioptic specimens, it is important to pay attention to cytoplasmic and nuclear features to distinguish between oncocytoma and chromophobe renal cell carcinoma, a distinct tumor with an intermediate prognosis.
All of the SurePOS 700 units will also be fitted with a hand-held barcode scanner from Symbol Technologies, a flatbed bioptic scanner from NCR and a thermal printer and touchscreen from IBM.
Each unit will be fitted with a hand-held barcode scanner from Symbol Technologies, a flatbed bioptic scanner from NCR, an IBM SureMark 4610 thermal printer and an IBM 4820 SurePoint touchscreen.
In sum, AIDS patients with oral candidiasis in countries similar to Uganda can be managed without endoscopic and bioptic assessments since oral lesions are typical and a high prevalence of esophageal involvement is expected (with or without symptoms) ([is greater than] 90% of cases in our study).