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and its refusal to extend patent protection to naturally occurring DNA fragments bodes ill for future biopirate litigants.
From that moment on, the term biopirates started being used to designate those who, sometimes with government endorsement, take from other countries, usually developing ones, which have a fragile and inefficient legislation, with poor or no inspection, genetic resources with economic potential.
They are not interested in talking to the biopirates and the multinationals who, we all know, are bound to exploit them.
Incensed with a misguided perception of scientists (especially, but not only, foreign nationals) as potential biopirates bent on exploiting this "national genetic patrimony", IBAMA officers have often threatened systematists and ecologists with heavy fines and even imprisonment for having collected one more specimen of a frog or an insect without due license, for having provisionally examined collected material in an institution other than the one for which it was earmarked for permanent holding, or for not reporting beforehand the collection of a new species that was just being described.