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It is difficult to conceive a solution that ameliorates every party's problems, as biopiracy and IPR are both widespread issues.
Barbosa says there are many examples of biopiracy in Brazil.
According to Lea, a legal structure that limits claimants to legal persons and does not include communities supports these forms of corporate biopiracy.
38) And biopiracy is not limited to plant varieties.
While bioprospecting is the age-old search for natural chemical products, biopiracy conjures up lurid images of ruthless perpetrators, ill-gotten riches, and plundered victims.
More dramatically, "The most sweeping biopiracy coup occurred in 1993, when the CBD came into force and thereby legalized 'recognition' of national sovereignty over genetic resources.
Property, and Biopiracy in the (Not-So-Brave) New Worm Order of
The patent was contested by India's industrial research organization, Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR), on the grounds that traditional Ayurvedic practitioners were already aware of the healing properties of turmeric and have been for millennia, as documented in ancient Sanskrit medical texts, making this patent a case of biopiracy.
Campesino movements and international biodiversity defense movements have identified a series of biopiracy groups that travel the world patenting ancestral seeds from rural and indigenous communities, and some accusations point to Syngenta, Nanosys, Monsanto and others.
In the global fight against biopiracy, one of the key issues is to prevent the grant and exploitation of patents on traditional knowledge and genetic resources by requiring that patent applicants for inventions involving traditional knowledge and genetic resources disclose the source of those resources and provide evidence that the prior informed consent of the local owners of such resources has been obtained and that benefit-sharing agreements have been entered into with those owners.
In the recent past, new areas relating to intellectual property such as prior informed consent, bioprospecting, biopiracy and access and benefit sharing have left a deep impact on the pharmacy majors worldwide.
However, such was the effect of Wickham's action on a broader level, that his latest biographer, Joe Jackson, states that today's tough international legislation against biopiracy "started with Wickham at the Customs House in Para".
Biodiversity, Biopiracy and Benefits: What Allegations of Biopiracy Tell