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This acquisition further strengthens KBI's analytical and biophysical characterisation capabilities following the company's acquisition of Alliance Protein Laboratories in June 2017.
Alliance Protein Laboratories is a contract research and consulting firm specializing in biophysical analysis, offering biophysical characterisation services, contract purification services (research scale) and consulting services.
The details of Biophysical Profile as Non-Stress Test (NST), amniotic fluid volume (AFI), foetal breathing movement, foetal movement, foetal tone and ultrasound scanning were collected.
Moreover, combinations of multiple biophysical markers, such as stiffness and size, were about as good as the currently employed molecular marker at classifying stem-like activity.
Presentations of such complex biophysical concepts are geared toward a broad audience of students and researchers interested in how animals use their habitat and disperse themselves in the landscape.
The next morning, a second biophysical profile scored 2/8, but the on-call ObGyn misunderstood the score as 6/8 and scheduled cesarean delivery for noon.
Specifically, Liu, a postdoctoral scholar in the laboratories of cell biologist Ken Jacobson and biophysical chemist Nancy Thompson, along with dengue fever expert Aravinda de Silva, used high-resolution microscopes to examine the expression of a particular protein, known as DC-SIGN (for dendritic cell-specific intercellular adhesion molecule-grabbing nonintegrin), on the surface of immune system cells called dendritic cells.
NovAliX will initially use its protein biochemistry expertise along with its comprehensive biophysical technology platform.
In biophysical medicine, the toxins are eliminated where they are.
of Science) sets out a set of tools for discussing various phenomena at biological interfaces--such as cell surfaces--in terms of biophysical chemistry.
The new quarterly journal covers the entire field of biophysics, including bioinformatics, biophysical methods and instrumentation, macromolecular biophysics, cellular biophysics, medical biophysics, and cell biophysics and organization.
DALLAS -- The combination of biophysical and venous Doppler ultrasound parameters provided better timing of deliveries than did either test alone in a study of 584 fetuses with fetal growth restriction.
It has been awarded the large sum from the Wolfson Foundation, a charitable organisation supporting scientific research, to put towards the development of a new biophysical sciences institute.
She divides her book into three parts, presenting three levels of analysis: the biophysical or developmental understanding of childhood; the sociological or role-based understanding of the child as a junior participant in a hierarchical structure; and the philosophical and religious understanding of childhood as a state of innocence accessible to all human beings at every point in the life course.