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having particular physiological functions augmented or replaced by electronic or electromechanical components

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Mind-controlled Bionic prosthetic legs are a remarkable clinical breakthrough in next-generation Bionic technology," said Jon Sigurdsson, President and CEO of Ossur.
It is also being presumed that the A11X Bionic processor will come with a next-generation M11 coprocessor and neural engine for artificial intelligence tasks.
Gillyan has already tried out a bionic hand at Touch Bionics in Livingston.
At the moment if you lose your hand, there are only two basic prosthetics the NHS can provide and private manufacturers can charge as much as PS60,000 for bionic hands.
Tilly says her 3D-printed bionic hand makes her feel cool
The hands have been designed by Bristol firm Open Bionics, which bases its limbs on characters from Iron Man, Frozen and Star Wars.
Doug McIntosh, 56, who lost his right arm in 1997 through cancer, has been experimenting with the bionic hand.
The investment was made on the basis of BVT's advanced work in developing bionic vision technologies including a successful clinical trial of a prototype device in three patients.
However, farmers are only likely to use the bionic leaf technology, particularly for higher-value crops, if the researchers can address "cost and ease of use," thinks Wong.
The first European patient to receive the device, John Thomas, emphasised how privileged he felt to have been involved in the Argus II bionic eye's development.
IRISII is a bionic vision system equipped with a bio-inspired camera and a 150 electrodes epi-retinal implant with a proprietary design intended to be explantable and eventually upgradable for patients who have lost sight due to Retinitis Pigmentosa.
Some of driving factors that can propel the Bionic eye market include age and age related disorders, increasing accidents and injuries and growth in the number of organ transplant cases.
How we can help: Monash Vision Bionic Eye, 2013, Monash Vision Group, viewed December 11 2015, http://www.
Bionic Vision Technologies has raised $10 million to fund crucial next stage development of its bionic eye technology.