biometric authentication

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Nordic financial services group, Nordea, has selected the complete VeridiumID platform to replace tokens with biometric authentication for access to confidential and secure data, BBR has reported.
However, only 8% said there are no drawbacks to using biometric authentication for payments.
The 7th Gen Intel Core processors with built Intel Software Guard Extensions (SGX) lay the groundwork for robust, hardware-protected biometric authentication securing users' FIDO credentials and biometric information.
DOCOMO expects to become the world's first mobile operator to integrate online services with smartphones capable of FIDO-enabled multiple biometric authentication.
Biometric authentication technology-the use of personal physical characteristics or behavior to verify a user's identity claim has been used successfully in high security contexts as part of physical access control systems for many years.
With ID Director for Windows, the organization is able to seamlessly incorporate a unique biometric authentication method which cannot be lost, stolen or shared.
Global Banking News-April 4, 2016--Wells Fargo receives award for mobile biometric authentication app
Biometric authentication systems have attracted attention as a means of satisfying this demand, and more and more of these systems are being installed.
SecureDoc's Unsurpassed Flexibility made it Simple for Staatsministerium B-W to Integrate Full-Disk Encryption with Existing Single Sign-On Biometric Authentication
Fujitsu customers will now be able to deploy biometric authentication as a service running on the Fujitsu Cloud Service K5.
Moreover, biometric authentication technology, which is expected to come into widespread use in the future, has technical issues that must be resolved; for example, it requires comparatively expensive terminal equipment, has problems with accuracy, and possesses the possibility that users' biometric data will be abused.
id-Confirm's mobile, wireless biometric authentication provides the highest possible level of security through four-factor biometric authentication technology that is 100 percent biometrically secure, cost-effective, ready to deploy and designed with the protection of individual privacy rights in mind.
The devices, called the Fujitsu Biometric Authentication PalmSecure-F Pro and the Fujitsu Biometric Authentication Palm Vein Authentication Board, have been developed for a range of applications.
As companies expand their services, other features can be easily added including biometric authentication and contactless payments.
As far as mobile devices go, Microsoft has so far stuck with iris scanning for biometric authentication, but the initiative to fingerprint scanning might permit for Windows 10 smartphones to incorporate biometric authentication more cheaply, that might possibly appeal to third party OEMs as well indeed, HPs new Elite x3 appears to be the initial Windows 10 mobile device to have a fingerprint sensor.