biomedical science

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the application of the principles of the natural sciences to medicine

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Students enrolled in the program take academic courses at North Hunterdon High School and biomedical science courses through the program, which uses Project Lead the Way's Biomedical Sciences curriculum.
Coventry University biomedical science undergraduates Raquel Rossiter and Daniel Perfitt
Robin Strigner graduating from Bangor University on Saturday with parents Dr Peter Strigner and Mrs Helen Mayston MANON PRITCHARD &ALICE LANCELEY: Biomedical Sciences GWEN ALUN: Marine Biology ELI GOURDIE: Computer Science NICOLA JAYNE PRICE: ICT KATHRYN LEE: Biomedical Science RACHAEL JONES: Computer Science EIRIOL SMITH: Biomedical Science
She said: "I have now applied for the HND in Biomedical Science at Bournville College.
By 2006, and after administrative reorganization, the USCSOM Biomedical Science Graduate program was admitting 8 to 10 new students per year with a steady state number of about 40 and a budget, exclusive of tuition, of about $250,000.
And with an HN science qualification - the first subject ever covered in the 1920s - a groundbreaking career in areas such as biology and biomedical science, pharmaceutical science and even forensic medicine are all possible.
The poor readings were due mainly to a slump in the biomedical science cluster, which saw a decline of 48%.
Source: Professor Peter Andrews, Department of Biomedical Sciences, University of Sheffield, Western Bank, Sheffield S10 2TN, United Kingdom.
Singapore is making a significant effort to position itself as a biomedical science leader in Asia, following many of the same strategies it used to grow its electronic and computer industries.
Awarded the Institute of Biomedical Science Presidents Prize.
the research projects proposed should focus on nigms mission-related areas of basic biomedical science.
Like SBRP, which combined disparate biomedical science and engineering expertise, the present OHH program combines the dissimilar biomedical and oceanographic sciences (Tyson et al.
The Biomedical Science course starting this September at the School of Biological Sciences is a collaborative venture between the University and the North Wales NHS Trusts -and aims to meet the urgent need for more biomedical scientists to work in NHS hospitals.
Some of the new approaches incorporate ideas from many disciplines, ranging from microengineering to biomedical science.
The cash from Britain's biggest research charity consists of 34 grants to universities across the UK involved in biomedical science.
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