biological warfare

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the use of bacteria or viruses or toxins to destroy men and animals or food

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1: Biological Warfare (BW): It is the military use of biological agents where targets of agents are predominately soldiers governments or resources that might hinder a nation's ability to attack and/or defend it.
The NDU and the DDSS worked collaboratively on developing the curriculum for the master's degree and agreed that a course on chemical and biological warfare was essential to the completeness of the curriculum.
Still, it provides an intriguing overview of biological warfare defense research, past and present.
11, 2001, it's hard to believe the nation still is not adequately prepared to defend against a smuggled nuclear bomb or biological warfare.
"The Pentagon is fully prepared to launch biological warfare by means of anthrax," Boyle charged.
For example when I took a look at it, there was a piece about the biological warfare site, Vozrozhdeniye Island in the Aral Sea, now abandoned by the Russians.
Any college-level reference collection strong in science, technology and military history will find the second updated edition of Chemical and Biological Warfare an essential addition: it provides essays, history, and biographies surrounding the topic, joins others in the 'Contemporary World Issues' which also makes it a pick for social issues holdings, and it packs in case studies, timelines of events, and more.
It was a scene more akin to a sci-fi movie or a biological warfare threat.
It may look like a scene from Torchwood or a biological warfare threat.
The only facility of its kind in the country, constructed by Raytheon, the chamber can test for a variety of materials that simulate the optical characteristics of chemical and biological warfare agents.
James Dickerson makes a case for the fact that yellow fever could indeed emerge anew as a health threat--and his history, culling facts from historical archives, describes its ravages, its eradication, and the threat of its return as a biological warfare agent and a possible side effect of global warming.
The new device, called the BAS101, addresses an issue which has become increasingly important as the threat of biological warfare looms ahead - how to protect the average citizen in day to day life.
Is he just a terrorist himself, a physically and psychologically scarred victim of the State's former experiments with biological warfare, hell-bent on revenge?
described a fiber-optic, microsphere-based, high-density array composed of 18 species-specific probe microsensors, used to identify biological warfare agents, including Clostridium botulinum (1).
The Gathering Biological Warfare Storm edited by Jim A.
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