biological process

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a process occurring in living organisms

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Washington, Sept 13 ( ANI ): Researchers have identified a biological process that influences whether a person is right handed or left handed.
Although common biological processes may underlie emotion-induced memory enhancement and amnesia, there may be differences between short-term and long-term memory, Cahill adds.
Under the collaborative contract, VaxyGen will be responsible for marketing the expertise and know-how resident in the Georgia State University Biological Process Development and Research Laboratory.
Later, the author performed prediction of molecular function and biological process for the combination between nucleic acid sequence for human Hb S beta globin chain and U7.623 using a novel gene ontology prediction tool, GoFigure, which accepts an input DNA or protein sequence, and uses BLAST to identify homologous sequences in gene ontology databases [3].
In a related class of nonlinear effects, called hormesis, a compound at high doses has an inhibitory--and generally toxic--effect on some biological process but the opposite effect at certain low doses.
Thinking about it in this light, I realize that mothering is far more than just a biological process. I also recognize that mothering doesn't have to be about an exchange between an adult and a child.
The piece thus recalls Matthew Barney's Cremaster 4, 1994, in which a motorcycle race serves as a metaphor for a biological process. But whereas Barney's imagery is profoundly idiosyncratic and steeped in arcana, Chalayan's aesthetic is accessible yet cool.
Officers are now trying to tackle the problem by using bails of straw to slow down the biological process at the lake, just north of Seaforth docks.
Birth is not just a natural biological process of the female body.
If I had a moment to address the ACOG/ASA personally, I would comment on the statement, "there is no other circumstance where it is considered acceptable for a person to experience untreated severe pain that is amenable to safe intervention," by pointing out that there is no circumstance, other than labor, where severe pain is part of a normal biological process, not indicating anything wrong or even indicating a medical condition, therefore, not necessarily requiring relief or intervention for the health and safety of mother or baby.
All the water received at the treatment facility goes through a "biological process" involving microorganisms.
These discourses make us 'experience' aging as if decline were, at one and the same time, a given, a merely personal process (an effect that ignores the falsely universalizing features of the narrative and its constructions of difference and sameness) and a universal wholly biological process (an effect that erases culture altogether: group differences, competing discourses, my right to name its individual dimensions)." (pp.
Triclosan interferes with a specific biological process inside the bacteria, leading to their death.
We have previously written about this case in our alert "EPO May Return to Patenting Plants Obtained by an Essentially Biological Process," where we discussed how the EPO's approach has appeared to flip-flop between either excluding or not excluding claims directed to plant products that have been obtained by an essentially biological process.
And the change can be potentially affecting any physical, chemical or biological process. The factors 1-3 cause changing of kinetic energy of atoms/molecules on the surface of the Earth with periods, respectively, 24 hours (CR), a year (year rhythm), 180 million years (the Galaxy "year" rhythm).