biological defence

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procedures involved in taking defensive measures against attacks using biological agents

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The sell-off, being overseen by Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon, will include the Agency's main weapons laboratories, but not the chemical and biological defence unit at Porton Down.
One soldier, quoted in the book under the pseudonym James Prescott, was ordered to Llandderfel to ferry the bodies back to the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment at Porton Down near Salisbury, Wilts, under strict orders not to stop for anything.
Graham Pearson, head of Britain's chemical and biological defence unit, they are cheaper and easier for small countries to obtain than atomic weapons.
DRDC Suffield is the Canadian centre of expertise in chemical and biological defence and conducts world-class research and development to provide the Canadian Forces with advice, training and equipment to counter the hazards from chemical and biological threats.
The Ministry of Defence says there is no evidence to link their experiences at the Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment in Wiltshire.
Scientists at Britain's biological defence laboratory at Porton Down found signs of anthrax infection after testing the blood of two Scottish victims, according to a report in the New Scientist magazine.
GID-2A(TM) was a joint development by Smiths and the Porton Down Chemical and Biological Defence Establishment.
He says the Pentagon has failed to invest in enough of the equipment and weapons that have proved decisive in Afghanistan - unmanned reconnaissance aircraft, special operations forces, and chemical and biological defences.