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any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare


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Iraq admits that during the 1980s it was developing at least one biological agent for use against crops, including wheat smut rust, which makes infected grain unusable for human consumption.
Although mass spectrometry is not a new detection technique, it was used in the Gulf War, it is still a key technology for the development of biological agent detection.
In addition, "there has been limited development in the area of biological agent detection [hand-held devices] in the commercial market," according to the report.
Smiths Detection, part of the global technology business Smiths Group, today announced the launch of SmartBio[TM] Sensor (SBS), a real-time detector for biological agents or airborne toxins.
BioVeris Corporation announced today that the NATO Response Forces (NRF) in charge of the security operations for the Olympic Games in Athens, Greece purchased BioVeris' detection products to screen for biological agents in potential security alerts during the Games.
population against a specific biological agent would involve large-scale production and could result in cheaper unit prices.
The incidents in which biological agents have been used as offensive weapons of war or terrorism have been few, but the threat is nonetheless real.
It is critical to have a family of nanoparticle-based neutralizers and application systems that will detect and destroy biological agents on personnel, inside aircraft or throughout buildings without disrupting sensitive components or compromising operational effectiveness.
The 4WARN Sentry has the ability to detect all aerosolized biological agents extremely rapidly, typically in less than 20 seconds.
They may be thought to be the result of covert biological attack by another nation, criminal or terrorist attack, covert attack by a nation on a subnational group within its borders, or escape of a biological agent from a facility developing prohibited weapons.
announced today that the French Ministry of Defense has purchased IGEN's biological agent detection products, adding France to the Company's base of European customers using IGEN's biodefense products.
In addition, we will continue our work on the genome sequencing of organisms most likely to be used as bioweapons, so that we can not only quickly identify the biological agent, but also develop effective therapies.
This project was completed quickly by using equipment from nominally civilian facilities, such as those used to produce vaccines; the factory itself produced biological agent, which was filled into weapons and deployed in late 1990.
According to Mike Linsenbigler, general manager of Hamilton Sundstrand Sensor Systems, the CBMS Block II is a compact, lightweight and rugged system capable of concurrent chemical and biological agent detection and identification.
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