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any bacterium or virus or toxin that could be used in biological warfare


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Basically different biologists have defined this term in different ways; 1: Bioweapons are the biological agents derived from the living organisms that are capable of infecting and causing both sickness and death in people animals and plants.
Syrian President Bashar Assad has two biological weapons bases, developing anthrax and other devastating biological agents, and yet the US-Russia deal aimed at stripping his regime of chemical weapons makes no provisions for his biological weapons capability, Israeli TV reported Sunday night.
to develop technologies to protect public health and the environment following potential accidents or intentional attacks involving chemical and biological agents.
A United States Customs agent at the airport said that a US citizen travelling on a Northwest Airlines flight implied to the aircraft crew that he had a biological agent and that he had contaminated the aircraft.
The biological tests use a harmless spore that has the same hardiness characteristics as biological agents such as anthrax.
The terror created from an unknown, undetectable biological agent can be greater than the terror from explosives and natural disasters, because people do not know if they may be infected.
The lab work performed with biological agents and materials is diverse, ranging from forensic identification, clinical diagnosis, and basic research through development and manufacturing of therapeutics and vaccines.
IRAQ is hiding an array of deadly weaponry - including nerve gas chemicals, biological agents and mustard gas shells, the US believes.
This system uses patented ATP bioluminescence technology to test for non-specific biological agents, and then signals another system that can accurately identify the particular agent.
It likely has the capability to produce sufficient quantities of biological agents for military purposes within weeks of deciding to do so, and has a variety of means at its disposal for delivering these deadly weapons.
People have been going to military surplus stores and buying gas masks because of that fear, but De Witt said biological agents like anthrax have inoculation periods, and "gas masks won't apply.
Although we have taken steps to deal with the possibility of chemical exposures among our operational forces (which should be construed as tactical events in the scope and scale of their effects), calling a biological agent a "weapon of mass disruption" ignores its potential for strategic impact.
As part of the exercise plan, the group selected the biological agent based on what an average person could reasonably exploit with minimal training, public-source information, such as the Internet, and readily obtainable ingredients.
Iraq admits that during the 1980s it was developing at least one biological agent for use against crops, including wheat smut rust, which makes infected grain unusable for human consumption.
The results will be fed into the database and will lead to the creation of certified methodologies for accurate typing of biological agents useful in case of need a) accurately identify biological agents or toxins;b) to differentiate their natural occurrence of intentional abuse in cases of abuse;c) help to identify the perpetrators of the attack or the threat caused by a biological agent or toxin in case of abuse.
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