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of or relating to or involved with biogeography

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The remote geographical nature of the lakes, the <3-m-thick perennial ice covers on the lakes, and the circumpolar oceans surrounding Antarctica create a barrier to colonization (Spaulding et al., 2010) that makes these ecosystems ideal locations to search for endemic novel taxa in a biogeographically isolated environment.
Description : To enhance the management effectiveness , biogeographically coverage and connectivity of Protected Areas to conserve forest ecosystems in the Achara Region
Biogeographically, larger areas are often considered to have more species because they have a higher carrying capacity for species [1, 45].
Marine biogeographic boundaries are remarkable 1) for the diversity of species that occur as a result of the biogeographically distinct provinces on either side of the environmental or dispersal discontinuities (e.g., Ekman, 1953; Searles, 1984) and 2) for the long-term influences of these boundaries on phylogeography (e.g., Wares et al., 2001; Adams and Rosel, 2006).
Hydrologically, Monroe Mountain drains into the Great Basin, but climatically and biogeographically it is more closely associated with other massifs of the Colorado Plateau and southern Rocky Mountains.
Biogeographically, 7 regions can be recognized in China, the North-East, Northern China, Mongolia-Xinjiang, Tibetan, South-West, Central China and South China (Zhang 2011).
The European Green Belt is a network that runs from the Barents to the Black sea, spanning some of the most important habitats for biodiversity and almost all distinct biogeographically regions in Europe.
As one of 12 successful winning projects of the 2011 Ford initiative, the study commenced earlier this year, taking into account reef conditions in the biogeographically connected waters of both the UAE and the Musandam Peninsula of Oman.
formosus lies within the area formerly occupied by the Greater Sunda River system and in lowland areas immediately adjacent to it, while the Tenasserim or Tananthayi River system of Myanmar lies outside it and separated from it by low-lying but biogeographically significant mountain ranges.
The Margalla is also the most important extension of the Indo Malayan biogeographically realm in Pakistan, with species that are found almost nowhere else except in a few valleys.
Mammalian prey in the pellet collections studied here were probably taken within such a foraging radius; none of the represented prey species is biogeographically unexpected (Dalquest, 1948; Johnson and Cassidy, 1997).
Biogeographically, the territory is included in the Carpetano-Leonese Sector, Mediterranean West Iberian Province, Mediterranean Region (Rivas-Martinez et al.
The first volume discusses taxa or issues pertaining to the region as a whole, plus reviews on territories that form part of the wider Caribbean region but are not biogeographically part of the West Indies.