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of or relating to or involved with biogeography

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But to what extent does the confinement of this tradition to the Atlantic biogeographical area may shed light over its origins and over the social, cultural and cognitive mechanisms that originated its adoption across this vast region?
Further biogeographical and ecological studies on the 95[degrees] 100[degrees] 105[degrees] 110[degrees] 115[degrees] 120[degrees] vegetation and flora of southern Yunnan revealed that in this region forests with physiognomic and floristic similarities to the Indo-Malaysian forests are at their northern climatic limits (Zhu, 1992a, 1992b, 1993a, 1993b, 1994a, 1994b, 1997, 2004, 2006, 2008a, 2008b; Zhu et al, 1998a, 1998b).
Taxonomic names, combinations, orthography, and biogeographical distribution follow the Checklist of the Collembola (Bellinger et al.
Key words: beta diversity, biogeographical regions, spatially constrained clustering, terrestrial vertebrates
Among their topics are the cultural landscape and Saujana heritage, the evolution conservation of cultural landscapes, the biogeographical structure of the Borobudur basin, the Borobudur ancient lake site, Borobudur mandala: the temple compound and surrounding villages, rural ecotourism and landscape in Candirejo village, landscape photography for sustainability, the International Borobudur Field School 2004-13, and conservation strategy for the future.
0] latitude squares (Hijmans et al, (2005); (5) a data set obtained from the two previous one, with the differences between current and predicted climate; (6) data on the biogeographical regions of Romania, provided by the Romanian Ministry of the Environment and Climate Changes (RMECC); (7) data on the ecological regions of Romania, provided by the EEA; (8) data on protected natural sites of national interest, provided by the RMECC (national parks; protected landscapes; natural and scientific reserves and natural monuments > 5 hectares; and NATURA 2000 sites), and data derived from these (Ramsar sites and reserves of the biosphere); in addition, the limits of applying the Carpathian Convention were provided by the RMECC, and (9) data on elevation, provided by the EEA.
R Davison (1887-93) made the important, lasting policy decision to concentrate collecting within the Sunda biogeographical subregion.
The oceans and coastal areas bordering South Africa can be divided into three biogeographical regions based on different species assemblages and hydrological characteristics (Fig.
carolinae in the orogenic system has an important biogeographical significance, and it may be also distributed along the entire peripampasic orogenic arc.
The introduction outlines the biogeographical approach and classification of the northern Australian coast.
He spent his childhood traveling between France and Algeria and lived in the Congo for three years as an adult, and he incessantly uses objects with a biogeographical significance to think with the world--not for the world, like a conqueror or colonizer, but with the world, like a person who is seeking himself in the Other and the Other in himself.
Moreover, some say, it is important to take into account biogeographical specificities at regional level.
This is largely because some species show transitional biogeographical trends between eastern and western North American faunas whereas other ectoparasite species collected are widespread throughout much of North America or in the New World.