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a training program in which a person is given information about physiological processes (heart rate or blood pressure) that is not normally available with the goal of gaining conscious control of them

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I sistemi fisiologici misurabili con biofeedback sono: il sistema neuromuscolare, respiratorio e cardiovascolare (25).
Il quesito di ricerca e stato indagato seguendo il modello PICO: trattamenti eseguiti su pazienti con LBP (P), procedure di riabilitazione standard del LBP con fornitura di feedback estrinseco; oppure utilizzo di strumenti di biofeedback (I), procedure di riabilitazione standard del LBP (C), ricaduta clinica di tale intervento esplicitata attraverso misure di outcome (o) quali la riduzione della disabilita o del dolore o il miglioramento della qualita della vita.
Biofeedback is the utilization of feedback to enable an individual to alter physiological activity to improve health and performance (Association for Applied Psychophysiology and Biofeedback [AAPBj, 2012).
However, when Cade gave them some training using the biofeedback machines, 'they were unanimous in recognizing the difference in the immediate expansion and deepening of consciousness.
The present study aimed to evaluate the efficacy of biofeedback therapy in combination with surgery in the management of fecal incontinence.
One of the most common uses of biomechanical biofeedback is motor learning in sports, recreation, and rehabilitation [3, 4].
There are two enclosed electronic circuits an active vibration biofeedback for the identification of the correct muscles and one for audio guided training.
04) were statistically lower than those of the control group, indicating that the clinical symptoms of depression were improved significantly through HRV biofeedback.
Biofeedback reduced headache pain (measured in structured headache diaries by frequency, duration, and intensity) more than controls (weighted mean difference [WMD]=0.
Biofeedback is best known for its value in moderating physiologic conditions.
Key Words: Pelvic floor muscle training, biofeedback therapy, electromyogram, vaginal and rectal sensors, pelvic floor muscle electrical stimulation.
What we know less is that either action is central to something called biofeedback, which can be summarised as an effortless way to cheer up a grumpy girlfriend without recourse to shopping.
Biofeedback is a therapeutic technique that teaches you how to control physical responses such as breathing, muscle tension, hand temperature, heart rate, blood pressure and brain activity that are not normally controlled voluntarily.